The traveling sweater....#2

Things are jumping around the shop these days what with the Wool Watcher (our newest little bean) and many, many shipments of new yarns and what not, phew!!

I am finally back in town after being gone helping out with family stuff for what seemed like a life time and it is so neat to be back in the shop! Thanks to all of you for asking where I was and for making it a point to stop by and say hi once you knew I was back.

We have so many new things coming your way that I just don't know where to start, but I really want to mention the Isager Wool 1 yarn that is complimented by the book The Fine Line by Grace Ann Farrow, WOW!

Sandy got the book at Stitches West and I have been drooling over it ever since, so when we added it to our inventory along with the yarn, well I am one happy little knitter! I think I want to work up the Volt wrap from the book and that's the one that Sandy is going to do too, hmmmm, am I a copy cat? Who cares it's beautiful!
I popped into the shop yesterday to take some pictures of the second sweater in The Traveling Sweater contest and Amber put it on for me and made hint suggestions too, oh Amber you are so funny!

Her name has been used on our Lorna's Laces Limited Edition colors and one of them she even went to Chicago and helped to dye the color, wow, what a lucky duck!!

Just a quick note this sweater fits Amber and she says shes a basic medium size off the rack. The yarn (Lorna's Laces Swirl DK) is discontinued :( but we do have the pattern for the Flared Sleeve Pullover from Lorna's Laces.

So that's it for now have a great week and as always happy knitting and crocheting!


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  1. I know the Swirl DK is discontinued but which Lorna's Laces color is that in the sweater? It's very pretty, and Amber's a doll in the pix!

  2. Hi Diane!

    The color is Lakeview in Lorna's Laces.

    Sara :)

  3. Amber is a doll and a drama girl too! Ha ha!! Sara nailed it, Lakeview! Jeanne :)