The traveling sweater....#2

Wow tons of stuff is going on around here and we are literally stacked up with boxes upon boxes of yarn, WOW!!! I can't keep up and even asked Sandy if she knew about a certain something yesterday and she said she didn't have a clue. Sandy is my go to liason for questions like that becaue she helps unpack everything and knows what's what in all those boxes, so now it's like opening a present every time we tear into one, YEAH!!

One of you out there heard we were having a hectic day the other day and sent Amber flowers!!! Amazing is all I can say on that one and they are beautiful too, so we have all been enjoying them. Thanks for making Amber's day and ours too!!

As you can see I have still been pestering everyone with my camera and here is Leanne (who is an extra small) in the Flared Sleeve Pullover which is the current contest sweater. She looks so cute in it don't you think? I just love the color Lakeview from Lorna's Laces yarn and I am sorry to see the Swirl DK and Swirl Chunky discontinued, but this sweater pattern would work up in lots of other beautiful DK weight yarns.

Here is a search result that I got using our advanced search option (I searched by gauge for all DK weight yarns) in our yarn section of the site. If you are unfamiliar with our advanced search tool check it out, as you can search for things based on all kinds of different criteria. The other sections of the site have advanced search tools too, so don't be afraid to play and see what comes up for you.

Now yesterday I popped by the shop to do a couple of little things in the front and was pressed into duty in the back (I never mind though because I always get to play) and I helped with some organization.

Amber (that little stinker) turned my own camera on me and here I am building cubes for her to store the Schulana Super Cotton yarn and the the Zitron Loft color yarn.

I also got to move the new Lana Grossa Designer Wood needles and well I bought a set of DPN's and circulars in the wood! WOW I have already cast on with the DPN's and all I can say is these needles are fabulous!!

They are really smooth and the points are really great!! I bought a second set today when I stopped by and can see that I am hopelessly in love!

Stay tuned for more hints on The Traveling Sweater #2, as I am thinking of taking it on field trip around Reno, as it has only traveled around the shop so far, ha ha!

Have a great weekend and as always happy knitting and crocheting!


PS We had a really special visitor stop by the shop yesterday and I thought you might like to see our littlest bean, Huck!! He just had his first birthday on the 28th of May and of course was mobbed by admirers when he popped in!!

I am hopelessly in love with this little guy, as are all the other beans!!

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