The traveling sweater....#2

Here we are at the last post before the list of questions for this sweater so good luck to you all!

We have had tons and tons going on around the shop and last Wednesday was Sandy's birthday and we had sooooooo much fun teasing, singing, eating cake AND watching her enjoy her singing telegram that came to entertain her! WOW was it a blast and she loved it too!

The sweater was hanging around enjoying the show too! Ha ha!

As usual it was a busy day, but we ALL had so much fun around the shop that day! As you may know (or even experienced if you are lucky ha ha) Sandy and I love to sing and dance at the drop of hat around the shop and boy we were in rare form for her birthday.

This is a good chance to introduce you to Muni on the far right of the group picture with the pretty pink sweater. Welcome Muni who is now Doug's HTML assistant and she is fitting right into the group!

As you can see Sandy turned 6 and has been using that fact to get into trouble ever since! The cuties behind her are Victoria's GREAT kids and they enjoyed Terry's home made cake as much as the rest of us, yummmmmyyyy!!!

We got the Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy into the shop and guess who took some home last night in color 28 Blue Pine Green?? Well if you guessed little old me you got it!!

This yarn is AMAZING and I have already cast on a beret to help me with 'helmet head' which afflicts many a motorcyclist. Now that I am older than Sandy (ha ha) I can tell her what to do and boy am I going to push her to work with this yarn, cause she is going to love it!

Well this may seem a little light on clues and hints, but don't kid yourself you may want to read it again just to be sure you got it all!! HA HA HA!

I hope you all have a great weekend and as always happy knitting and crocheting!


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