The traveling sweater....#2

Well I hope you all are having a great week and here we are at Friday, YEAH! The Traveling Sweater didn't get to travel much this week since have we have been really busy!! So maybe I should change the name to the stay at home sweater?? Ha ha!!

I wanted to take the sweater to visit the famous Reno arch, but just couldn't find the time. Imagine the sweater being held up there at the base of the arch and waving at you!

I am born and raised here in Reno and a native Nevadan is considered to be a rare bird for sure. Nevada is full of people from everywhere else, but here I am a rare bird indeed in more ways than one; just ask any of the little beans ha ha.

So we were piled to the ceiling with boxes most of this last week and I even got into the organization in the back, phew!! We have added a whole bunch of new Berroco yarns to our inventory and we haven't even had a chance to get them up on the site, so you know things are nuts! Stay tuned on that one, as you know I will keep you posted! It will certainly be worth the wait!

This is how we were living for quite a while and we had to turn sideways to get through that little space, wow!

Here Sandy is looking like her cute sassy self in one of the isles that was so packed it was every little bean for themselves moving around in that area. Laura and Sandy got after this area the other day and it is so nice now! Boy you two are organizing devils!

So on top of all this craziness we did some filming yesterday and I reviewed the Legacy Lace by Brown Sheep, yummy! I can't wait to work with this yarn!

I also reviewed some books (2 of which I bought after getting a good look imagine) one was Louisa Harding's Queen of Hearts and Knitter's Magazine Think Outside the Sox. I spent last night in reading heaven and am thrilled that I decided to add these 2 books to my library!

You all keep me so busy that sometimes the only time I really get to stop and take a good look is when we are filming, so yeah for filming! I had glanced at both of the books in passing, but once I dove into them I just had to have them.

Well that is it for now and as always I wish you happy knitting and crocheting!


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