Berroco Yarn So New It's Practically Still On A Sheep!

I don't know about you, but I am still having problems writing the date... I just can't believe it is already 2011! This is my second January at JBW and it never ceases to amaze me just how much new yarn is out there, not to mention all those yarns that have yet to be created! You'd think I'd know better by now, right? Case in point, we're starting to get the latest Berroco yarns (so new they aren't even on the Berroco website yet!), and these might just be some of my favoritest fibers of the New Year!

Vintage DK 2177
First up is a new version of a Berroco classic: Vintage DK. I ended up knitting a hat with the worsted weight original, Vintage, and fell in love. This ludicrously affordable yarn gives you everything from machine washability to cuddley softness to a gorgeous spectrum of colors... seriously Vintage has it all. And now that Vintage DK has entered the scene, you can enjoy the versatility of of the Vintage family for your lighter weight projects!
What DK weight projects you ask? Why, the ones in Berroco Pattern Booklet 308 - Vintage DK and Vintage of course! Berroco, being the awesome company that they are, always anticipates your burning desire to work with their new fibers and provide superb pattern booklets to accompany all of their yarns. Full of trendy, wearable knits that cater to a wide range of ability levels, these booklets are a great place to start if you are in search of some knitspiration! Needless to say, #308 is brimming with stylish knits including, but not limited to an adorable top, delightful sweaters and a snazzy cap!

Glint 2953
For those of you looking for something a little more glam, Berroco has you covered with Glint! This light, worsted weight fiber consists of shimmery metallic filament encased in delicately woven strands of a soft cotton and nylon blend. Perfect for knit and crochet fashionistas, Glint has a beautiful drape and comes in a sumptuous array of classic solid colors. Don't forget to check out the Glint Pattern Booklet, #306 which has plenty of project ranging from casual chic to glitzy elegance!

If you're still hungry for Berroco, stay tuned as we'll be receiving even more in the near future!!

It is wise to use stitch markers!
Ok, so enough Berroco (for now). On to those handy-dandy accessories/necessities: stitch markers! Victoria S, a.k.a. the Queen of Crafty, has added the Power Animal Packs to her collection of darling handmade beaded stitch markers. Available in sets of 3, these ultra-cutesy notions are the perfect way to add a bit of serenity and extra [insert power here] to your knitting. Whether you hope to infuse more Love (Panda) into a project, or strive to relax and enjoy your knitting with Contentment (Kitty) the power animal stitch markers are a great reminder to have Fun (Monkey) with your knitting!

Also on the Newness Front: 4 spectacular patterns from Knitting Pure And Simple! I'm partial to the Children's Mukluk Slippers, though my feet are far too large... sigh. These adorable boot-like slippers knit up in no time with bulky weight yarn to keep your favorite little toesies nice and warm! If their feet are already taken care of, consider the Children's Bulky Top-Down Pullover and/or the Children's Henley Top-Down Pullover to maintain their upper body warmth! Both of these cozy sweaters are easy-to-knit and perfect for days spent playing in the snow. If you're in New England preparing for the Nor'easter (a snowstorm of epic proportions), all three of these patterns are great garments for an after-storm snow party (and you can knit them in the mean time)! Ok, so I know it is too late now to get started on these delightful designs if you're on the verge of being snowed-in, but I'm fairly certain there will be more storms to come ;) Of course the fashion-fun isn't limited to kids; we've got the New Neck-Down Pullover for us grown-ups as well! A variation of the popular Neck-Down Pullover, this sweater is more fitted with a simple, classic design that is easy to dress up for work or wear about the house on a lazy weekend!

Until next week, happy knitting and crocheting!
Leanne :)

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