Filming and Lorna's Laces Limited Edition Fan Club!

Today was a filming day and I must admit while we have a bunch of fun it does tire me out! We did new instructional videos for the site and I hope you enjoy them. In the new videos I show you how my mother taught me to darn socks, how to work with the new Flounce yarn and how to do a long tail purlwise cast on. I had to learn this one to work on Never Not Knitting's Autumn Vines Beret. I am having so much fun working on the pattern and am using the Isager Alpaca 2 yarn....super yummy! We reviewed a bunch of new products and were just generally silly! Stay tuned to the same LYS-online store for more!!

I also want to remind you all to be sure to check out our Lorna's Laces Limited Edition Fan Club!! Did you know you can win free yarn by being a member? You also get sneak peeks at upcoming colors and input on naming and the perks just keep on coming!

This month's color, Nicole's First Anniversary, has been a big hit. We sold out of really quickly and ordered more. (There's still a bit left here and there if you hurry!)

Well, I must confess I am a little tired after such a busy day, so for now I will wish you all happy knitting and crocheting!


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