WIP Weekend---And the winner of the Koigu Skeinlette Design Contest is...

....the lovely Fingerless Mitts!!! These are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to our winner Ruth, and thank you to our other designers Sandy and Linda for providing some very stiff competition! All three of these designs will be available soon on our website so keep your eyes peeled if you are excited to make one of them! Ruth, you've got 3 full hanks of KPPPM coming your way!

Now onto some fun WIP's that we all have going on in Jimmy Beans land! This weekend is sure to involve knitting as "Jimmy" has invited all of us beans over to her house for a knit night! How exciting! I'm particularly excited to meet Buddy and Wiley, Laura and Doug's two furry children who are often featured in place of yarn on our website! I've been hearing about how sweet they are for years and am looking forward to finally getting to meet them!

A few days ago, I was knitting with Bethany, and was able to get a few pictures of her modeling her sweater. She is about halfway done (maybe more now) and it is looking fantastic! I should say that Bethany is one of those rare actual left-handed knitters who knits English style, but completely backwards from regular English knitting. She never thought she would be able to knit a sweater for lack of being able to follow the pattern, but after finding Knitting Pure and Simple, she's succeeding beautifully! I can hardly wait to see the finished product!

Jeanne is working on the Autumn Leaves Beret from Never Not Knitting. She is knitting it in Isager Alpaca 2 yarn, which is quickly becoming a best seller around here. It's really lovely! I have this pattern in my Ravelry Queue and i'm looking forward to knitting it in the near future...

In preparation for Valentines Day, Jeanne has also been making some adorable little stuffed hearts. This very sweet pattern is from the book "Gifted" by Mags Kandis. She is making hers out of Classic Elite Fresco (one of her favorite yarns). What a cute little gift to give the ones you love this year! Great idea, Jeanne!

Well, that is it for this weekend's WIP's. Congratulations again to Ruth, our Koigu skeinlette contest winner, and happy knitting to you all!


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  1. Thank you so much! The contest was great fun and I really enjoyed seeing the other two designs. Lola is adorable in her sweater!