What's up Doc?

The weather here is like spring...wow! The high today is supposed to be 66 degrees.

With the warm weather we had a little subversive visitor and one of our down spouts was yarn bombed!! K4Ps is a local yarn bombing crew here in Reno and I have been waiting for them to get around to us.
I think they did a great job don't you? It will be interesting to see how long it stays up.

So with the warm weather it got me thinking about projects (like I need anything specific to get me thinking about projects, ha ha!) and in walks Amber with her finished heart out of Greenline DK in Chagrin. The Chagrin is sold out, but there are some other beautiful colors for hearts!

So now I don't need to think too hard just follow the leader, yippee! How about a knit heart for Valentines Day? I am in love with this anatomical heart and want to get this going NOW!! She worked up her heart with US 5 DPN's and I think it turned out perfectly!!

She found the pattern on Knitty and is going to work up another heart with the Zombie BBQ...woo hoo!! The working title around the shop is the 'living' heart, ha ha!

I think I will work my heart(s) up in the GreenlineDK Zombie BBQ (why mess with a great idea) and I will only need 1 hank for the project, thump, thump!

So this got me thinking about the upcoming holiday of love and I started looking for knit hearts...what do you think about these lovely little treasures from Berroco?

This free pattern will make approximately 15 hearts from one hank of Peruvia, so what's not to love?

Of course the problem with getting ideas is that well it gives me ideas and one thing leads to another and I am not finishing other stuff (which is my New Years resolution, sigh) right?

I am limiting myself to one big project like a sweater and a small project like socks, but I am sorry these hearts are calling my name!! I guess I need to revisit my resolution and say at least 2 small projects at a time...phew that was close!!

Okay with that knitting rationalization out of the way where's my needles?

As always happy knitting and crocheting!!


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