KPPPM Design Contest Finalists! Vote Now!

The KPPPM skeinlette designs are in, so scroll down and try to pick a favorite before casting your vote! I say "try" because all three designs are phenomenal. When I received the pictures it took me several hours to recover from a double attack of IKG and UOC (Inspired Knitting Genius and Unexpected Overwhelming Cuteness... don't say I didn't warn you!). But enough of my ramblings and onto the designs themselves!

Gorgeous Fingerless Mitts!
Behind Curtain #1 we have a stunning pair of exquisite fingerless mittens. The hand-warming body of these Fairisle wonders are charming, colorful and unique with the perfect finishing touch of lacy swallowtail edging around the fingers. I'm especially impressed with how well the color transitions melt effortlessly from one hue to the next incorporating the whole rainbow into one beautiful work of fiber art! Not to mention anyone wearing these trendy mitts is sure to turn a head or two with this eye-catching design wrapped around their digits.
Scarf In Progress

Curtain #2 yields a coy Koigu design for your neck! Unfortunately we received this particular piece late in the game (due to communication issues that are no fault of the designer), so you will have to combine this picture and my powers of description with your imagination :) The design itself was inspired by a simple, ribbed scarf with a lacy, over-sized flower that reminds me of something a flapper from the '20s might wear to a speakeasy. As you can see, this project starts out in a simple fisherman's rib using the warm reds, browns and oranges that abruptly switch to cooler blues, greens and purples for a "fire and ice" effect. This scarf does a stellar job of letting the hand-painted colorways shine and I'm just bummed we don't get to see the finished product!

Lola Lookin' Pretty in Koigu
Last but not least, Curtain #3 is an adorable knit for woman's best friend! This delightful dog sweater was designed for fashion-conscious Lola, a 9 pound shiatsu who shares her name with a character in the musical Damn Yankees originally played by the legendary actress/fashionista Gwen Verdon. Featuring a ruffled hem and sleeves along with a bright red flower on the shoulder, this feminine roll-neck sweater may be inspired by '50 fashion, but decades later it is a glamorous garment any dog would love to show off!

Congratulations to the three finalists for their incredible creations, we are all thrilled and awestruck by these marvelous designs! Readers, please chose your favorite and vote now! The poll (located in the top right hand corner above our Tweets) closes this Friday, January 28th at 3pm PST and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter. The design with the most votes will receive 3 skeins of KPPPM, and to ensure a fair vote we ask that you only vote once :)

Thank you!

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  1. Not only do I adore the mitts, but now I am craving the pattern. I think the winner must share this wonderfulness with the world! Claudia/daisyfleabane

  2. Aren't they smashing?! We're looking into it... so stay tuned!

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