And now for something completely different from Noro!

Always one to paint (or dye) outside the lines, Noro offers a mesmerizing mix of classic fibers and original yarns for your knitting pleasure this spring, summer and beyond!

18 Purples, Green, Blues
My favorite fab fiber this season has to be Nobori by Noro. A creative combo of colorful single ply cotton twisted with a white nylon tape, this yarn may weigh in as a heavy worsted, but it feels as lightweight as a light worsted or DK! The breezy, breathable nature of cotton is mostly responsible for Nobori's lofty, cloud-like feel while the feathery nylon tape adds just the right amount of bulk (not to mention unique texture) for quick summer knitting on size US 10 needles.

Silk Garden Lite Ladies Jacket
If you're looking for something in the DK or sock weight department, Noro has you covered there too! Based on two of Noro's most popular fibers (Silk Garden and Taiyo), Silk Garden Lite and Taiyo Sock give you at least two more reasons to love Noro! Silk Garden Lite is a luxurious silk, mohair and lambswool blend ideal for lacy spring cardis, wraps and shawls. This scrumptious DK weight yarn is one that gets softer and silkier the more it is worn, and  no matter what you create with Silk Garden Lite, we're sure you'll be wearing it as often as possible! Available in several breathtaking artisan dyed colorways that self-stripe in unmatchable rainbows of eye-catching hues, you can't go wrong with any of the spectacular shades from Noro.

09 Greens, Purples, Pinks
Taiyo Sock is a superb choice for summertime socks that ward off the chill of air conditioning, bright featherweight shawls for picnics on the beach and so much more! With over 450 yards per skein, you have plenty of yardage to play with. Modeled after its worsted weight cousin, Taiyo, Taiyo Sock is an airy blend of cotton, nylon and wool with just a touch of silk. Speaking of Taiyo (the original), several new colors of this yummy yarn have been added to our line-up so be sure to take a peek!

Now that I've got you drooling over the delicious of Noro, you're probably looking for some inspiration ;). Check out the latest Noro Magazine - Volume 9 for a nearly endless supply of fabulous designs using these new yarns as well as your old school favorites! We took the liberty of creating kits for some of our favorites such as the Ladies Slippers using Taiyo Sock, Nobori Sleeveless Vest and Silk Garden Lite Ladies Jacket among many others!

Have a beautiful day and happy knitting and crocheting!
Leanne :)

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