Filming all the new stuff!

We had a filming day last Monday and, boy, was it fun! We reviewed tons of new products, recorded great instructional videos, and started to work on our little bean bios (so you can get to know all of us a bit better). I can tell you that recording the bios got really, really silly! You are going to see a lot of new faces on camera, which makes me super happy since I've been pestering everyone to join in the fun for a long time now! Well, they finally jumped in and, sure enough, they found out how much fun it really is! Below, you can see Sandy and I being silly about a wonderful Churchmouse pattern that we both knit, which is an older review.

The instructional videos are always exciting and this last recording session was no exception! We recorded working in your floats while knitting fair-isle, basic crochet skills (how to make a chain and single crochet), some increasing techniques, and how to work with hand dyed yarns to minimize the obvious color differences. Amber and Erika did a little skit on two of their favorite bunny patterns, Kristen did some great reviews on all of our new patterns rolling in (even with her wrist injury), and we just generally had a GREAT time! In the video below, I showed you how to use Judy's Magic Cast on which I learned from Cat Bordhi's book, Personal Footprints for the Insouciant Knitter.

This is a job that is hard to stay on top of and I hope you will let us know if there is something that you would like us to record for you, either in a review or as an instructional video!

Thanks to all of you for watching and as always happy knitting and crocheting!


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