New Summery Rowan Yarns and Books!

Spring seems to be more serious about sticking around lately and I have been soaking up as much sun as I can! Soon it will be time to switch gears and start knitting up lightweight summery things instead of thick scarves and woolen sweaters... I am sooooo ready! To kick off the season, Rowan has introduced two spectacular new yarns with a heaping pile of pattern support.

Panama 308 Jacaranda
Panama has already begun to fly off our shelves and it is pretty easy to understand why. This sock weight cotton, linen and viscose blend is ideal for those relaxed-chic tanks and tops! The yarn itself consists of multiple strands of the different fibers woven together giving Panama a light, airy texture with plenty of swishy, flowing drape - not to mention a subtle glow given off by the viscose. Available in a complimentary palette of unique pastels, this yarn is the ultimate warm weather fiber!

Cover: Banana Wrap -so appealing!
Wondering what you can do with it? Check out The Panama Collection from Rowan! Including 15 stunning designs that reflect this year's fashion trends, featuring open-work stitches, exquisite crochet and bold stripes. For those crisp July evenings, consider the exotic Banana Wrap or, for a stylish sweater to wear at the office, the Guava Pullover is perfect! And don't forget my favorite, the Bread Fruit Tunic! This roomy top can be worn with jeans on a lazy weekend or over a swimsuit for a trip to the beach!

934 Wild Rose
The second new Rowan yarn, Savannah, is another exceptional fiber! A soft, worsted weight cotton, Savannah has thin binder threads of silk wrapped around it in criss-cross fashion creating an ever-so-slightly bumpy, uneven texture. The dusty desert shades are colorful yet understated, making them a perfect compliment (or alternative) to the loud tropical tones of the vacationing  months!

Rowan was sure to provide a stellar array of projects for this fabulous yarn, as well, in The Savannah Collection! Designed with classy comfort in mind, many of these 12 gorgeous patterns combine a relaxed fit with a fitted silhouette for casual elegance that can be dressed up or down (depending on your mood)! Lightly layer up with the Desert, an open short-sleeved cardigan that can be pined closed at the neck with a shawl pin or show off your stitch skills with Oasis, a fabulous tunic featuring beautiful lace paneling and a delicate leaf border around the top!

Eeek, just writing about these marvelous yarns makes me want to play hooky and knit!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!
Leanne :)

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