On the homefront and an upcoming book!

My sweet smelling Freesia!

Spring is being a bit stubborn here in Reno but this knitter is being stubborn right back...take that, lousy weather! We had four yards of wonderful planting mix delivered to our house and we have placed almost all of it in our new front yard. My daughter and her beau (Rory) came out last weekend to lend a hand and we got so much done, thanks you two!

We dug, moved, shared cuttings, cleaned, planted and just generally made serious headway on the garden. I want to incorporate edible plants in amongst my wonderful flowers and have to figure out exactly what to put where. My front yard can be a very shady spot so I need plants that don't require full sun to thrive and ones that are able to tolerate the high desert weather extremes

Sierra has the best seat in the house!

There is a Paiute legend here that says to not plant until the snow is melted all the way off of Peavine mountain and for this native Nevadan, it has shown itself to be a good one to follow. If I do plant, I take the precaution of covering if needed. We do have a very short growing season here but with some careful planning, we can make the most of that time.

Let's knit, swirl!

In other news, I had the most wonderful visit from a fabulous designer, Sandra McIver, and got to see her new book, Knit Swirl up close and personal!! We became immediate friends and had so much fun talking about our passion for knitting.

I enjoyed my visit with Sandra and her husband Bill and am looking forward to doing some fun things together that I know you all will enjoy being a part of!

This new way of looking at the one piece jacket is truly amazing and I can't wait to work one up. Sandra has created four basic templates that lend themselves to some very creative outcomes for the hand knitter and there is truly an infinite number of ways to go with these great designs!!

You all know what a terrible tease I can be and this new book is not quite out for purchase BUT will be really soon! The reason I am giving you this tantalizing sneak peak is to get your creative juices flowing!

Sandra's site says that the current release date is June 1st, but I happen to know that we may have it available in the shop sometime around May 5th, so stay tuned! Of course June 1st isn't that far away either and I can tell you that this book is going to be worth the short wait!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting!


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