Short and Sweet FO Friday!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! It's been a beautiful one for us, here in the high desert, as we've had our first peek at Spring! It's amazing how we can go from getting seven feet of snow in the mountains and six inches in the valley to the temperature reaching the mid-high 60's overnight...but that's Reno for you! Full of surprises! I couldn't be more excited for a weekend of beautiful weather, as myself and several other close friends will be celebrating birthdays this weekend. So much fun!

Wild Stuff Shawl
Sandy loves it!
This lovely weather means more time playing outside and perhaps a bit less time knitting this week. I do have a few goodies to share with you all from the lovely Sandy, though. We recently received the Wild Stuff yarn by Prism in the shop so Sandy brought in a few lovely FO's that she had knitted with this yarn a while back. Sandy used the chunky version of the Wild Stuff with a chunky Noro yarn but says that the regular Wild Stuff that we carry would pair well with Noro Silk Garden or Taiyo. To use the same pattern Sandy did, please see the project log for her notes as she made it up as she went along!

Sandy's Gypsy Shawl
She also made this beautiful shawl using Wild Stuff and the velvety soft Meunch Touch Me yarn. On both of these projects, she just used garter stitch to keep the pattern simple to best show off the unique qualities of the yarns. This shawl has Touch Me knitted in and then used as fringe! Sandy also knitted this without a pattern so the instructions are also on the project log page. This shawl is so much fun and extremely unique (just like its knitter!)...I call it Sandy's Gypsy shawl. It's beautiful!

For those of you that love novelty yarns, make sure to check out the Wild Stuff and the Cool Stuff.  Both yarns come in full and half hanks so no matter what your project is, you can get just the right amount! It really is a lot of fun!

So that is it for this week!  I'm off to play in the sunshine!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Happy knitting,


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