Good News.... and Bad

Happy 4th of July! As you can see, I finished the back of my soft linen hoodie - and am on my way to finishing the front.

Well, i have a bit of bad news (only for myself, tho). For the 4th of july, doug and i walked up behind our house to watch the Donner Lake firework display. On the way up, i tripped and fell on my side into a bush. No biggie, right? I didn't think so. We kept hiking (was starting to get dark) and found a spot to plant ourselves. My thigh was throbbing, but i just figured i had gotten a really deep bruise! After the fireworks were over, i stood up and realized that my leg was a little more damaged than i had thought.

After walking 1/4 mile or so on the trails, i put my hand on my pants, trying to to figure out what was going on. Well.... i almost passed out when i realized that my pant leg was soaked in blood. Needless to say, we limped home only to realize that the bush had PUNCTURED my thigh! There was a huge hole (ok, maybe not HUGE, but it felt emormous!) in the side of my leg... Doug played nurse and cleaned it all out with alcohol and soap, then drove to the gas station for bandages. Don't worry - we did go to the doctor yesterday morning and she scrubbed it all clean (and got some bark out of it), but told us that i should have gotten stitches the night before (we thought 12 hours would still be plenty of time for stitches, but apparently it's 6).

And the good news is??? Well, since i can't really walk, i've gotten a lot of knitting done! A few days ago, Sandy challenged me to a race - who could complete the Therapi Braided Wrap first. (i know - doug said i was insane for agreeing to race Sandy - she's so fast!!). But now I think i have an advantange :) Heck, i think i might be done by the end of the day's where i am so far.

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  1. Golly, geez--how awful! Having had the experience of waiting in an emergency room with H for stitches in H's finger, I know how traumatic it is to have an open wound that needs stitches. Not to mention the pain.

    I love the look of the Therapi wrap--do you braid it when you put it on; or do you sew it up in braided form, so that you put it on over your head?

  2. Hope you're doing better, Jimmy! Just the thought of puncturing wound makes me feel pain.

    BTW, I love the Lorna's July color!

  3. I wonder if hobbling yourself could be considered an unfair advantage...nah! I say do whatever you can to race Sandy!

    The paramedic wife in me has all sorts of things I could say, but I will simply wish you healing thoughts and feel better soon!

  4. Oh Laura ! It's OK you can win. I changed the pattern and I'm doing all 3 sections at once so they will be the same length and I don't have to count. Is that cheating ? I hope your recovery is super speedy!!! Sandy

  5. You guys are the sweetest! The bleeding has stopped today - and i actually slept through much of the night (tho Buddy did try to jump on my leg at about 5am!!).

    Lynne, to answer your question, you sew it up in braided form, then throw over your head to wear. I just started the other 2 braid parts (taking sandy's lead and doing those at the same time), so i'm getting close to being finished. Can't wait!!!

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