Fireworks is Here (And Preordering Solely Socks)!

The fireworks is here and ready to ship!

Can you see now why we should have named this popsicle? What were we thinking? Oh well - a name is just a name, right? Besides, with all of the smoke in the air around our house, this is what the fireworks are going to look like anyway :)

So, i mentioned earlier that we recently attended a trade show (TNNA) in Columbus. While we were there, we met and chatted with the owners of a bunch of small companies (like Laura from Schaefer Yarn - i cannot BELIEVE how many of these undulating scarves we've sold - both Jeanne and Sandy just started theirs last night - and had to meet over coffee to discuss beading tricks. Thanks for the suggestion, Laura!).

One of the other girls i met was Della Q. For the last year or so, i'd heard her name from customers - so i was determined to meet the girl at Columbus - and to see what all of the hubbub (sp?) was about. (Sidelight - coming home from reno on monday, i read jokes from while doug drove - it keeps me from falling asleep. one of my favorites was from stephen wright: "what's another word for thesaurus?" LOL!!)

Ok, focus. (why is that so hard for me??!). Not 5 minutes after Ashley and i entered Della's booth, we fell in love. The genius that she is, Della showed us this new little needle holder that she has coming out this fall: the Solely Socks roll. It fits up to 6 sets of 6" dpns - and is just adorable!! And Della really sealed the deal when she offered both ashley and i one of the Solely Socks to take home for ourselves (surprise - i got a brown one). I LOVE FREE STUFF!

Here's the problem: I am so convinced that everyone else is going to go as batty for these things as i am that i think i kinda freaked Della out (i often have that effect on people). I'm not sure what her original production numbers were (she has them made in vietnam and contributes a portion of profits to the community there, etc.), but i think she got a little worried that it wouldn't be enough. Especially since we're going to feature these in one of our Fall Print Ads.

Anyway, I'd feel horribly guilty if she increased production and then people didn't respond the way i imagined (my thought is, for $26, how can you NOT buy this as a gift for a sock knitter?)... so i asked her if she'd mind if we put them up on the site and allowed people to preorder. She said yes! So - long story short - if you're wondering why we're doing a preorder for all the way in September, it's to help make sure that we (and other shops) will have enough for all of you crazy sock knitters. I simply can't tell you how excited i am about this. I'm almost counting down the days til Sept.

So, Doug and i are working on the contents for the ad today - trying to come up with something clever to write. Too bad i'm not feeling particularly clever today. And the smoke has finally cleared for a few hours, so i should really take the dogs for a run - i'd rather sit here and eat bon bons, though... know what i mean???

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  1. wild fireworks socks and stopping by to say hi!


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