NPR Story!

YAY! We made it to the big time... NPR!

I stumbled into work yesterday (monday) around 2:30pm - after the 5th doctor's appt in 8 days in which my leg was unpacked and then packed again (with ribbon gauze - thanks jen!). The good news is that the hole in my leg is now only an inch deep.... the bad news is that it must have started to get infected again, cause they changed my antibiotics - now i'm on horse pills that have the following 1st line warning (paraphrased, of course): this HUGE pill will likely cause you to vomit and be miserable for the first few days... but don't worry, it's normal! Take 2x per day.

Great. Can't wait to start taking these. Haha - well, i did feel like crap for a bit, but the redness has gone away and the hole has gone from 2" to just an inch... so the vomiting was worth it (and we decided yesterday that doug and i should just start doing the packing here at home, so i won't have to hit the doctors office til next week!).

Ok - i'll quit whining now... on to the good stuff... NPR! After arriving at the shop yesterday, Amanda tuned the radio to the local NPR station - Marketplace was on at 3pm. So exciting!! The program is 30 minutes long, though, so we just sat there, staring at the radio (how funny, eh?) ... waiting/hoping for our segment to come on. When it did, we all stood there paralyzed ... and then i started to cry (but just a little)! What the &(*9 is wrong with me these days? I think it's the horse pills :(

Regardless, we thought the story was done really well - and loved the references to our new Youtube videos. Those have been so much fun to make, so it's great to see them get a bit of press. In fact, we're getting 837 lbs of new Rowan yarns tomorrow (including the new Kaffe Fassett Colourscape) - and will be reviewing them all next week - i think we can get to 200 videos - yay!!

One quick note: I've heard from a number of people since this aired yesterday - and am consistently hearing the same message - KNITTING HAS NOT DIED!! Alas, it has not, but with all of the competition of new shops (and sites), it has gotten harder to make a living. I'm guessing Carolyn was trying to show how we all have had to get a bit creative to keep our jobs? ... jobs that i (and doug and buddy and wiley) are thankful for every single day... um, ok, most days. :)

p.s. just turned the heel on the 2nd Taos sock! I feel guilty, tho, as i should finish putting together my friend's blanket...
p.p.s. just got the draft of our newly designed homepage back from the designer - it looks amazing!!

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  1. I don't agree with the story, but I think it's good press for your company. Keep up the good work!

  2. My two cents: I hope your doctor has cultured this wound and you are taking an antibiotic not resistant to whatever bacteria is in there. Infection can travel beneath. Pain is an important sign- so listen to it. Keeping the wound bed moist in a large wound like this is important. Cells need moisture to lay down a new matrix of cells to fill in the wound bed. You don't want dried out tissue-cells won't travel across a scab.
    What a pretty blanket.

    Nurse Rudee