Sockknitters ARE CRAZY!

Ok, i don't mean to be rude, but you sock knitters are insane! We just sold out of the Popsicle sock yesterday - it's only been 3 days!! And, you guys just keep grabbing that Franklin color - enough that i had to triple my order and that will barely be enough... i finally saw the color in person yesterday and must say it's one of my all time favorites (with the exception of the upcoming August color).

Ha ha - i'm not complaining - yesterday was one of the most fun days at work i've had in a long time... I stayed til about 8pm and tried to get out every single order that we could - one of my favorite things about this job is being at the store at 7:30pm ... and seeing another order come in, then pulling it and shipping it out before the customer has even turned off their computer. Makes me smile everytime to know that someone ordered at 7:30pm and might get their order delivered just 15 hours later.

So now that i know how crazy you guys are for these monthly colors (to honest, i'm kinda crazy for them too - one of my desk drawers is actually full of Lorna's Laces hanks - i pet them about once a day and try not to drool over them), i thought i'd share just a teensy weensy peek of the upcoming August color with you... just a few pixels to make you wonder. :) It's weird to think that only Lorna's and Doug and I know what this looks like. It hasn't been published in any ads - the girls in the store haven't seen it... it's a mystery. Ha ha.

One more quick note - Doug says THANK YOU to Jeanne, Ashley, Amber, Amanda and all of the girls at JBW... During our recent pottery night, the girls decorated and signed a coffee mug for Doug - a gift for his birthday. He loves the mug was was drinking coffee out of it this very morning (as i was out struggling on an early morning run. don't worry - i had coffee as soon as i returned - i'm acting like a human again). And here's a pic of the mug (which i'll be using for beer on monday ... we're expecting 150 lbs of new Misti Alpaca yarns... including the softest sock and chunky yarns i've ever felt in my life. After unloading and photographing it, i'll be wanting a beer or two... or 3?).

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  1. When the Franklin Commentary arrive and I opened it up - the color took my breath away - I actually gasped at how beautiful it is - I also love the ice blue yarn I ordered too.

    Yes us sock people are nuts - but loveable!