837 Lbs of New Rowan Arrived!!!

Oh my GOODNESS we received so much new yarn today! I just stood back and swooned as the boxes rolled by! I can't wait to dig in and cast something (anything) on with the Colourscape chunky. The colors are yummy and it will work up so fast. We also got the pattern book (The Colourscape Chunky Collection) to go along with it and I think I will knit up 'Dandy', but I am not sure in which colorway yet.

Ashley, called the invoice that is laid out here; the Yellow Brick Road, and phew it really has been one heck of a crazy day. I wonder what the knitting Wizard will have us sing as we skip on down this yarn lane. Ha Ha!

It has taken most of the day for the crew in the back to clear it up and now I will have to find some space out here in the front of the shop to show it off. You can see Amanda here surrounded by boxes of new stuff to play with! Gosh you two what are you doing, get back to work! ;-}

I have been pricing all the new books and of course peeking as I go. We also have the Rowan Magazine #44 in and I can't wait to get it home. It is their 30th Anniversary Edition and boy did they out do themselves here.

You know even Jimmy (Laura) came down today and is shipping as I type this. All you knitters out there are just keeping us jumping around here and touching all this yummy yarn, as we wonder what are you going be knitting next?

Happy Knitting! Jeanne

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