Making room?

Well, yesterday I came in early and worked on some rearranging for the shop. We have so much beautiful new yarn that we are bursting at the seams. When we moved into this space over a year ago, I thought we would never fill it up. Little did I know that Jimmy would just keep on ordering new yarns. Sandy and Amber came in too and helped so much!

Sandy has such a rough job, here she is making a lace corner. I feel so bad making her touch the Helen's Lace, Silky Alpaca and Andrea. Of course there is the Cashwool too! Sandy, I promise I won't abuse you so and will give you a better task next time. I am such an Ogre!

I worked on the Lorna's Worsted and got most of the colors out on the floor. It is one of my favorites and I do enjoy my job! I think that the South Shore is my current favorite color, but I can be very fickle when it comes to yarn. I am sure I will figure something new to add to my favorite list soon! It could probably roll across town right now and of course I am a stasher.

While we were working on all of this (and please rest assured that the job will NEVER be done), Amber was counting up the Lorna's Shepherd Sock and cleaning up the display. It is now a beautiful rainbow! Thanks Amber! All you sock knitters out there keep me jumping with that particular stocking job. It comes in and goes out before I can get it out! My goodness!
Thanks Amber, you did an AMAZING job!
Well, I better get back to work, but I wanted you to see all that we are doing here to make things better and better for you.
Of course Rachel, just brought out the samples that are on loan until October in the Schaefer Nancy! Acckkk! I have already bought 4 to knit up a cape. I do think big, but I hope to have it written up for all of you as a 2 Askew pattern sometime in this decade! Ha Ha! Happy Knitting! Jeanne

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  1. I love your store even though I have never been there I shop on line but it is just great to be able to read about your adventures It give a personal touch to all of us who visit in cyber space.

  2. I am so glad someone is carrying on my tradition of rainbow sorting!! Tell me how beautiful it looked!