Chemistry in the Kitchen!?

Every once in awhile I get a hankering to indulge my inner scientist (yes, I am the biochemist gone yarnmonger) so last weekend Amanda M. and I had a little good clean fun--making soap in my kitchen! Amanda and her husband are pretty experienced at the soap making--so there weren't any tragic lye accidents (it's pretty nasty stuff--very caustic) but here's a picture of us in all of our organic chemistry/Burning Man protective gear (Amanda's purple goggles!)

With all of that chemistry going on, I was feeling a little nostalgic and decided to cast on a beanie in the colors of my alma mater--the University of Nevada Wolf Pack. You can make one in the colors of yours (or for any team you like!) with our Team Beanie kit (matching free scarf pattern to follow!). This is how it looks so far (it'll have a few stripes of grey and the rest navy when it's done).


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  1. Love the team beanie idea! Don't forget about the Big Ten - I graduated from Mich State, my husband from University of Michigan and Indiana University!

    but I guess if I was smart enough I could figure it out myself:)

  2. Now that's an Up-to-date soap making experience! Much different than the traditional "hog-killing time" after which they made good old Grandma's Lye Soap!
    The lyrics to that old song are quite funny for any of you Americana fans.

    How did your soap turn out? It looks like a fun time.

    Thanks for your post.