Scarves to Throws, Merino Ribbon Throw

I'm plugging away at sewing the scarves together... I've got 8 done - only 4 left! I've been able to get one scarf done each morning - accompanied by a morning latte, of course. I've attached the following photo so you can 1. see how it's looking and 2. see what the biggest problem is with having multiple people knit on the same project: some of the scarves are different lengths! As you can see, the Pioneer scarf (far right) is a few inches longer than the rest. What to do??! I guess there's nothing to do but unravel a few inches from the end... but finding the "end" (vs. the "beginning") was a bit of a challenge. Finally, i realized that almost all people cast OFF tighter than they cast ON, so i was able to figure out which end was actually the end ... and then undo the cast off row... and unravel until i got to the right length. Then i cast off again. :) Next up? The Charcoal scarf. P.S. If you don't know what project I'm talking about, take a look at our Scarves To Throws Project.

Speaking of beautiful throws knitting by various people, I want to show you a few photos of the most gorgeous afghan in the world....the one knitted for doug and me by all of the girls at Jimmy Beans Wool.

Can you believe this? Photos certainly don't do it justice (it's breathtaking) and it looks absolutely perfect on our new couch! The girls said that Wiley and Buddy aren't allowed to use it, so we're keeping it nice and folded on the side of the couch - so only I can snuggle up with it at night... (and isn't Sandy's Blocking Board amazing?) I simply can't tell you how much this throw means to me - to know that every single stitch was knit by one of the girls is just mind-boggling.

I am so lucky.

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