New Years resolutions are meant to be broken!!

My (very short lived) New Years resolution, was NOT to start any new projects without finishing some of the other ones first, hmmmmm, that is out the window already! Gads, I am absolutely crazed for knitting; what can I say? I have also fallen head over heels in love with one of our regular yarns, Rowans Felted Tweed! Did you know it is machine washable??

I have taken the plunge into the Tendril from Rowans Nature book and am using the color Dragon in the felted tweed. It calls for the Luxury Cotton DK which we don't carry, BUT I did a gauge swatch and vow to gauge as I go to make sure I keep things going in the right direction. I have learned my lesson on this one the hard way and loved Laura's article on the Shortcuts for the Lazy Gauger.

So with that said; as I said in my last post, I am a stasher and have 2 balls each (103 and 108) of the new Cyrstal Palace Mini Mochi in a pile waiting to be taken home to my little yarn corner of the world. I am thinking fair isle something or other?? Stay tuned for an insane knitter update!

Happy knitting! Jeanne

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