Only 1 Sleeve Left... More Cause-Related Knitting

I'm almost done! I actually finished this sleeve last night, so only have 1 more left to go... why do i always get to the last sleeve & then shelve it to start on a new project (now i'm working on a baby blanket)? You'd think that i could just finish the darned thing, eh?? And i still want to embroider little green flowers along the bottom of the sweater, so i guess i have a bit to go... Anyway, I'm still liking this Artyarns Supermerino Yarn and am loving the way that it seems so sturdy. I think this sweater is going to last Allison (and her baby girl) a very long time. I certainly hope so. Oh yeah, did I mention that doug and I used this sweater to film a few "how-to" videos last week? 5 of them, to be exact. There's one that shows how to sew up the hood, one about incorporating a new ball of yarn (or contrasting color), one for weaving in your ends at the end of the project, one for decreasing, and one for doing a bar increase. If you get a chance, check them out - and let me know if they are helpful!

In other news... our Breast Cancer Support Scarf has been so incredibly successful that we thought it was time to start knitting for other, just as important, causes. Jeanne and the girls at the store helped me put together the kits below - and we'll be knitting samples over the next month or so. From left to right, there's the Heart Disease Scarf, the Leukemia Scarf, and the Ovarian Cancer Scarf. For each of the kits, we'll be donating $5 of sales to organizations committed to that cause. Let us know if you have other suggestions, because together we can make a difference :)

Last thought - I just talked to a friend of mine yesterday and she informed me that the Superbowl was this weekend. Where have I been??? I used to be a huge football fan (Broncos), but just haven't paid attention in the last few years. What are doug and I doing for Superbowl Sunday? We're going to Reno to ship out packages! Tomorrow is our own superbowl... it's the first of the month, which means that the new Limited Edition color is being released. I have a feeling that this will be a popular one... or at least most of you will enjoy reading the story of how we came up with the color :)

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