Working through the Scarf, a New Couch and More!

Well, as you can see from the photo, i didn't quite finish my Rowan Kidsilk Haze Yarn scarf while in Wisconsin (and I never got to go for a run), but i have gotten into the 4th colorway... a taupey-lavenderish color. I've been knitting for 5" with each color, but started to realize that 100 stitches made for a scarf that was simply too wide (for my tastes, anyway). What to do??? Even though i'm only 18 inches into the thing, i'm not about to rip it out... instead i'll just block the heck out of it! So that's what i did last night (after trying out my new pressure cooker for the first time - whew, was that scary!). You can tell that i stretched the heck out of the scarf because it's now belled at the bottom... but i don't really care (can you believe i used to be a perfectionist?).... now i have almost 22 inches of scarf... it's like Santa gave me 4" of knitting for free! (And, yes, i realize that you are supposed to wait and block the garment once you've finished knitting, but i just couldn't stand it any longer. I needed to do it right away.) And now i'm a much happier camper.

Anyway, I'm having fun with this scarf, but just started to get a bit anxious because i realized that i haven't been working on my friend Allison's wedding blanket (i'm doing the Colinette Absolutely Fabulous Throw Kit in ivory) AND she's going to have a kid (a girl) in a few months, so i need to get cracking on something for the little squirt. I have to tell you - when Allison (wedding photo on the right) and I were little girls (5-6 yrs old), we made a pact. The first one to have a child was REQUIRED to name the kid (if it was a girl) "Allisaura." Get it? Allison + Laura = Allis(on)-(L)aura. Well, we've been chatting pretty regularly and she recently broke the news that her husband doesn't like the name. Is he crazy?? Geez! Anyway, I need to pick out a project for the little kid pretty soon... even if i am a little shell shocked that she's going to name her something different. Ha ha.

Ok - one last thing before i head down to reno (it's the 1st, so i'm going to go ship out some of the new Lorna's Limited Edition Color - New Years Lights). For whatever reason, doug and i have, in almost 11 years, never purchased a couch. For the last 7-8 years, we've been using a hand-me-down green couch from a friend. The couch is great, but it has lots of holes, and one side is completely ripped up due to an anxious Jack Russell (apparently, our friend's dog thought there was a mouse in the couch and decided to take matters into his own hands - paws!). Well, we've been saving our credit card rewards for a few years and have finally broken down and ordered a couch. it's going to arrive on saturday! In all honesty, doug doesn't use the couch very often because it bothers his back, but as you can see from the photo, Wiley and i love to sit on the couch together... and we love using the Yak blanket i knit last year. We're really hoping that he loves the new couch as much as the old one... :) P.s. notice the snow on the deck behind my head? It's even taller now!

More news later - i still need to share the photos with you of my new AMAZING Merino Ribbon blanket, knit by all of the girls at the store. It's absolutely incredible, so i want to make sure that i'm not in a hurry when i write about it. (and i need to make sure that i don't cry).

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Rowan Kidsilk Haze


  1. Hi Laura,
    Happy New Year, I am really excited to talk to you about a great class idea, "The Yoga of Knitting", please call or email me.
    Your old friend,
    Patience Lewis
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  2. Hi Laura,
    Happy New Year! Yeah for the new couch, too!
    I LOVE the blanket you snuggled in! Is this a pattern available at the store or something similar? I can call the shop as your store is THE BEST!!

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