Family heirlooms...

I'll first start off by saying...I had no idea we had one. We have some traditional coming-of-age things (this crazy huge silver-dollar necklace my grandpa gives all of the women around high school graduation time, for example) but I was totally unaware of a family heirloom until...(gasp) my mom came by the new house and realized we suddenly have um, space.

Next I'd better explain that the nice little picture of said family heirloom still lies in wait on my xD card, because, laptop is a dinosaur and apparently has only one USB port that is currently occupied by the prehistoric roller-ball mouse we've been using since the mouse on the laptop pooped out. And I guess it's time to look into fixing the mouse on the computer, or even better, look into upgrading (better not say that too loud, I need this thing to last at least through this blog!!). This definitley won't do next time I want to sync my iPod...

Ok sorry, back to topic. My family heirloom is a really cute (and currently squeaky, unfinished) rocking chair that has apparently been in the family since my grandma was a baby. Egad! I remember it being in my room when I was reeeeellly little, painted white. Since then it's been stripped and sat in wait in a closet at my mom's house, and now it's in my (hopefully) able hands to refinish and um...hang on to until the little ones come along. In...awhile.

So after it gets a nice stain, I think I'll add my own touch by knitting a cushion for the seat. I'm thinking something like theBlue Sky Bulky Gusseted Floor Cushions:
scaled down a bit of course to fit on the seat, haha!

That said, the house is amazing and it's coming right along. We hung pictures in most of the rooms today and Cory and his brother started clearing the backyard (it was something like a small desert wildlife reserve in the middle of suburbia). As much as I would love to leave it as a...wildlife reserve...I don't think our wedding guests would appreciate the blue belly lizards quite as much as we do. ;-) But, he has promised he'll leave anything that resembles a cottontail 'home' untouched.


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  1. Heirlooms and cotton tails, hmmm, that sounds like an interesting combo! See you soon and I have a little rocker too! Jeanne :)