World of color...

So, I've been immersing myself lately in the colors of Noro. I am absolutely in LOVE some of the colors we've got on sale in the Kureyon Sock. I started making myself a beautiful Ishbel shawl from Ysolda Teague's "Whimsical Little Knits" and I am loving the pattern so much that I have started a second one to give as a gift (I won't say for who, since that person might read this blog.) Anyway, I am probably going to end up making 3 or 4 of these before all is said and done. The way the Noro colors are striping is simply stunning, I just love it. Not to mention that 1 skein of the Kureyon Sock will make a whole shawl. Amazing, I know! I love this little book though. There are so many sweet little things I want to make from it...

I have also been making some good headway on my Prudence top from "Amber" by Kim Hargreaves. I'd like to finish by the end of May. Only a couple of months late... I know, I know, but i've just been tempted by all of these amazing colors.... Not to mention all of the gifts i've been making lately. So many new babies coming into this world, I plan to make sure that they are all wrapped in knitted love. But in all seriousness, I really want my prudence top off my needles in time for summer. Although it's not exactly a summer sweater, it will be nice inspiration in the shop for the fall knitting i'm sure will start in another couple of months.

Lastly, I have recently been learning to spin my own yarn! I am so excited! One of our lovely knitting instructors Allison, gave me a lesson in spinning the other day and I made my first skein (the white one.) I promptly went home and played around with my hand spindle all afternoon and made the fun little multi-colored yarn also. I think this is going to me more adicting than I originally thought. Now I am dreaming of spinning wheels and beautiful hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns. Yet another hobby to explore. I am so hooked! I'm sure you'll be seeing much more evidence of my adventures in spinning soon. Until then, happy knitting...

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  1. Is that the simple triagular shawl pattern? Are you planning on fringing it? Please post pictures when you're finished. It looks lovely!

  2. It's not actually. It is the Ishbel Shawl. It has a lace pattern at the bottom that I am just starting to get to. Thanks for to compliment! I'm excited to see it finished too!