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Knitting has never been a covert operation in my house...until now. My 9 year old cat, Tinker:
is a sauntering, affectionate, docile creature attributed to sleeping his nights away on my pillow. I'd like to think have a bond to him much like a mother to her first born...or at least that's what I liken it to because, well...he's a lot like my kid, and I don't have any human kids. Frankly, he could care less about my yarn or what is on my needles.

Meet Marcus Aurelius and Alexander the Great:
Two very curious, very active longhair Siamese we adopted on Saturday (Cory named them!). They're about a year old, and they get into just about everything...including burrowing right into my yarn basket. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy when I caught the little culprits, but you can imagine.

It all started when we decided to stop off at Petco to price dogloos (thought we'd better make sure we could afford to adopt a dog and buy a decent dog house in the same weekend. After all, it gets windy out here). And then, right there in the entry way, was the kitten and cat adoption group of the week. With Marcus and Alexander attracting all the attention. Now normally I'm not really one to pick young animals over older ones. Everybody wants a puppy or kitten. However, I'm a firm believer in that adoptive animals choose us, not the other way around. While every other cat there could have cared less at one more couple walking through the door, these two were practically speaking to us. Have you ever seen a cat make and maintain eye contact on purpose?

So that's how they got here. And as I learned this morning, knitting (still finishing the Gayle) is now a touch and go activity, at best. Knit a row, with yarn balls stuffed inconspicuously away in knitting bag...defend yarn against kitten attack...cover yarn and project tightly....kittens retreat...lather, rinse, repeat. As for Tinker, he's adjusting to his new brothers quite well, and even getting in on the action:
What I have to wonder how do people do it with human children?! I had such anxiety over bringing Marcus and Alexander home, and have been so preoccupied with making sure Tinker doesn't feel left out or less significant (yeah, I think he's a pretty complex cat)...I can't imagine how it must be with children!


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  1. Oh my gosh! This is HUGE and Tinker will do just fine I know, but the yarn basket sounds like it may take a few hits!! Congrats on your new editions and I stay away on the weekends from the pet stores as I know those adoptions are there. Jeanne :)