Quickest Post in the West!

We've had a record past few days (and in April!), so I've got to run to Reno in just a few minutes... hence the quickest post in the west. (Apparently everyone else besides me is also in love the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk DK - at 50% off, it's literally been selling faster than we can pack and ship it!)

I've almost finished Baby Z's blanket, so thought i'd show you a photo... in case you're interested - it turned out great!!! i've been sewing together the edges over coffee (1/2 decaf, of course) each morning and should be done in a few days. For more details and photos, click here.

I also want to mention that we had our first baby shower last night, compliments of the gang at JBW (former and current employees, customers, vendors - Ann Norling was there!). It was the most amazing party i've ever been to - doug and i are still quite a bit choked up and can't get over the fact that all of these wonderful people came together for us (and for the kid). You should have seen the knitting that had been done... baby bears, little lambs, hats, booties, sweaters, and more!! I'll put photos up (with jeanne and doug's help) over the next few days - i promise.

We had a great time... and I am still completely speechless.

Thank you guys for everything. We are truly the luckiest people in the world.

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  1. Hey! I literally just finished the same blanket for my sister's baby, who arrives tomorrow by scheduled c-section. I did it in purples, green, brown, white...Sublime merino. It's a great pattern and makes a nice, thick, small blanket. Thanks for sharing the picture!