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Hey everyone! As this is my first time blogging here at Jimmy Beans Wool I just want to say thanks so much to Laura aka. Jimmy for inviting me to begin blogging regularly. It's such an honor, and I hope to represent Jimmy Beans Wool in a way that will make our little family of beans proud. I'm so very excited to share my knitting adventures with you all! There are so many knitting related things I am excited about right now that I hardly know where to begin!

First, I know it's a little late in the month, but can I just say how much I LOVE the April Limited Edition from Lorna's Laces-Robin's Eggs! The color is flying off the shelves here at the shop and I am tempted to get even more than the two skeins of Sportweight that I already bought. When Jimmy brought the sample of this into the shop a couple of months back, I asked if she would make this the April color (since my birthday was April 1st.) She said "maybe" but I didn't think she would remember. When the color came in I was so pleasantly surprised! That Jimmy has a pretty good memory... Anyway, I just love this color and if you are thinking about getting some, I recommend snapping it up--before it's all gone!

Also, I am really excited about all the new Rowan sale yarn we got in this week! Seriously, I wish I had my camera with me at work today to take pictures of how full our new back-room has gotten. With all of the new Rowan yarn (not to mention the Noro and Debbie Bliss), it's getting hard to move back there! Granted, the girls in the back have done an amazing job of keeping it all organized, but man to we have a lot of yarn! I suppose it's to be expected, we sort of like the stuff after all. Of all of the new Rowan sale stuff (which is all 50% off by the way) I think I am going to have to get some of the Cocoon and the Big Wool. I do have some particular projects in mind. For the Big Wool, I want to make this Alpine Shrug from Rowan Magazine #42.

I'm not sure exactly what I am going to make with the Cocoon just yet but it is just so soft I can't resist! I just want to wrap myself in it! I might also buy some of the Scottish Tweed but I can't decide-- Aran or Chunky? Oh it's all so delicious!

Every time we get a new shipment of something wonderful I have to hold back from declaring it "all mine!" What is it about yarn that makes me think like 2-year-old all over again?

My most recent Toddler moment was when we got all of the Malabrigo worsted in about 2 weeks ago. I think I was the most excited person in the shop wanting to hold it all and rub it against my cheek. I of course said it was all for me and Amber said, "no Kristen, you have to save some for the customers." I gave her my best pouty face and the proceeded to only buy one skein. For now. I'll share what I did with that one skein very soon. I made a lovely, cozy cowl that I may put on the site soon as a free pattern. Yum, I just LOVE Malabrigo!

Well, that is all for now. I promise to show off some works in progress soon including some updated pics of my Prudence shop knit (from the Rowan book Amber) in
the Rowan Bamboo Soft. I just love Kim Hargreave's timeless designs and can't wait to show this one off.

Signing off for now from the biggest little yarn shop in the west--
Happy Knitting to you all!

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  1. Fantastic blog!! Way to go and I miss you all. Obviously I just can't stay away and this was my first stop when I had internet, blush, blush...Jeanne :)