2 Posts in one day and stardom...

Well, we are so excited around the shop, as the last couple of days have been really hectic! We have been included in the top 5000 small businesses in the country which is published by Inc. 500 5000 Magazine! We are 3253 on the list and considering there are some 27 million small businesses in the United States that's no small feat! All three of our local Reno News Stations have picked up the story and channel 2, KTVN, did quite an in depth little story/video that you may enjoy looking at.

The truly exciting part of the KTVN interest was that they sent their anchor, Tom Henkenius, a 2 time Emmy winner out to interview us, WOW! It was so much fun and as some of you know I ride a Harley motorcycle, so that came into play too! My 30 seconds of fame ha ha ha!! Amber and Laura made appearances too and looked fabulous darling! It made us feel like stars having such a top story teller come to visit and get this, he knits!! How cool is that? The camera man knits too and I have invited both of them to come in anytime to hang out with their sticks and bits of yarn.

Thanks to all of you out there who are such fantastic customers and have helped us get to where we are. Without you we wouldn't be anywhere and we know it!

Have a great day and knit on! Jeanne :)

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  1. WOW - Congratulations on being chosen on of the top growing businesses - well maybe not being chosen but BEING a fast growing business - you're apparently doing most everything right. We have 2 LYS and their selection is SO limited and their knowledge isn't close to what you all offer in instruction videos, etc. Jeanne - LOVE your grand entrance! Loved getting a peek at and inside your store. Watching that piece was lots of fun. Laura - loved your 3 categories of knitters - I guess I will have to purchase a Harley - cause I don't fit into the other 2 categories :-)

    PS to Jeanne - love the way your summer cardigan is coming along! And your new sweater with the felted tweed.

  2. Well deserved! You guys have got it goin' on at JBW! Thanks for the great service and Web site!

  3. Thanks! Diane, it's so funny how quotes get either taken out of context or get shortened... Eventually i'll learn my lesson - that every sentence coming out of my mouth needs to be able to stand on its own - haha!
    (i.e., there are tons of other "categories" of knitters - i think i was just trying to think of a few ways to describe both me (ocd) and jeanne (harley) - lol)

  4. Laura - love it all - including the quotes (took it out of the little old ladies in rockers working on R.Heart Granny Square afghans and "cheap craft yarn" pastel only baby sweater category :-)

    Still love Jeannie pulling into her parking spot! (I'm sure there's a book in there for really cool knitters somewhere.) I hope that what was shown will draw those who haven't knit in a while, or at all, to discover their latent creative side and have the most wonderful time in your shop or website - trying to decide on what to work on first. You have nothing to apologize for - your shop, website, those who work with and for you and you are just awesome. (tried to post this before but it got lost in cyber land :-)

  5. Diane you are great and we can get you on a Harley anytime! If I could knit and ride at the same time I would be in heaven, but alas, I must hold onto the bike. Laura said it perfectly on the MANY classifications of knitters and our personalities. I meet all kinds of knitters, but we all share the same passion and the fact that we don't like to be idle. Happy Knitting! Jeanne