Knitting, knitting, and new beans....

I have discovered the Crystal Palace Mochi Plus yarn and WOW! It is so nice to work with and I just can't stop picking it up and working a few rows. The colors are fabulous and I am currently working up Tapestry Rainbow, 555, in a top secret project.

Here is just a little taste for you to see the colors. The hand is fantastic and being a singles yarn it fulls as I am knitting it. I think I will work something up in Treasure Chest, 559, or Jungle, 560 next. I am feeling a pair of house socks, or maybe leg warmers, scarf, mittens, hat, or even a sweater!

Ok I just made myself giddy with all this knitting talk. :)

Of course the boxes that I talked about last time are finally open and the contents have been revealed. There is the new Debbie Bliss Fez yarn which has the most amazing feel to it and with the touch of Camel it has you can't go wrong. I can't wait to work something up with it and am really excited to see the texture, as the ply has a really neat look to it.

The list of yarns Laura is tempting me with seems to be endless! However, for the moment I will stay calm and only touch on these for now.

Yesterday was the 1st and you all kept us jumping both online and in the shop too! Purple Mojito (our Lorna's Laces Limited Edition yarn) is an amazing color this month, have you gotten yours yet? I got 4 of the Shepherd Sport this month and think I will do leg warmers with it. I just love the soft green touch and of course you can't go wrong with the elegant purple Lorna's put together in this one, it's a winner!

At the end of the day I pulled out my camera to take a couple of pics of Terry, one of our new beans and found out she is camera shy. Terry you are so cute what's up with that?

You are going to adore her and her knitting abilities are amazing. Welcome on board Terry! I can't wait to have you help me with my lace projects! Come on let's knit!!!

You can see Laura peeking from behind Terry in the picture below and note the bin of orders she is working on, phew, you all do keep us jumping.

Thanks for that and stay tuned to this knitting channel for more JBW always, happy knitting!

Jeanne :)

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