Hand Maidens and Satine...

I was surprised to walk into the store for my Sunday shift this morning to see the beautiful Hand Maiden Yarns Sea Silk gleaming at me from baskets near the counter... These yarns are AMAZING! Beautiful hand painted silk and seacell (a cellulose fiber made from seaweed)= lovely stuff. I would love to buy a skein soon and make a lovely lace shawl out of it...the colors are just gorgeous.

In the meantime, I am still working on several projects, but mostly the Satine top from French Girl Knits. I cast on a few weeks ago in the Sublime Mohair that is on sale right now in the poodle color, and I had hoped to finish this in time for Ashley's wedding, however, that did not happen. I thought, based on the measurements, that I would need a size large...it turned out to be huge! I was even using a size smaller needle and everything... Of course I had already knit about 6 inches of the lace pattern before I realized this. Oh well, rrrriiiiipppp! I have to say though, I just love love love the lace pattern in this top. It is so easy and works up pretty fast. I think I should definitely be able to finish this soon...if I work dilligently on it that is... Anyway, there are about 10 garments from the French Girl Knits book that I want to make. Kristeen Griffin-Grime's patterns are just so lovely! Once I get a bit furthur along, I will share some actual photos. Until then, happy knitting!


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