So, many of the customers who frequent our shop already know that I recently accepted a new job with a local non-profit here in Reno. Of course this means that I am not going to get to spend as much time in my favorite LYS, but I will still be around the shop in various ways for as long as they will possibly let me. ;)

My first official day at the new job was last Monday where I left to attend a professional conference in the beautiful Ruby Mountains here in Nevada...more specifically Lamoille Canyon... Lamoille is one of the most beautiful places i've ever visited. It was great as well because I was able to take my doggie Wallace and even Nick got to come as well! It was such a great week and I came home with lots of new ideas for ways to teach kids about science and the environment.

Of course, while I was away, I was able to get a little knitting done. In honor of this new beginning in my career path, I began a Multi-Directional Scarf (pattern by Ann Norling) in the Noro Kureyon Sock (color 184). I know, I know, i've used this yarn a lot lately, but I have so much of it at home, it was just begging to be a Multi-Directional Scarf! I think one skein is going to be more than enough. For this version I used a US size 5 needle and increased until I had 40 sts. It's such a fun and easy project (since it's worked entirely in garter stitch) that is perfect for when you need a break from those tougher projects. Also, it's a great gift idea... that is probably what this scarf will be... as long as I don't get too attached.

I have still been quite busy in the garden these days, so my knitting time is more limited than usual. Here is the progress that my little plot of land has made. I'm very proud of it, especially since this is my first year gardening in this soil and all on my own. We've had fresh greens for about a month now and I plan to continue these using a hoop house throughout the winter. We've had some cherry tomatoes ripen in the last week or so but mostly we have lots of little green tomatoes and squash beginning to pop up...I am so excited for the harvest!

Well, that's all for now...back to knitting on my Satine top from French Girl Knits. I am loving working with the Sublime Kid Mohair. It's gorgeous!

Happy knitting,

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