What's in those boxes??

We received 29 boxes from UPS yesterday and while that is not the biggest delivery we have ever had at one time it is a big one for sure! There are some yummy things in these boxes that I know you are going want to see and hear about, but the list is a long one. I know you will all want to be knitting a little bit of luxury with this nice stuff for the holiday's as a gift, or a nice treat for yourselves. While I have seen the invoice I am still a bit in the dark, so keep your eyes on our New Products page for updates.

In other news the bride is back from her honey moon and while a little tired, very happy! We missed her here at the shop for sure and I know her kitties missed her at home. I was sorry to hear that Space Mountain was closed for renovation and they didn't get to ride my favorite ride! Blast! I guess they will just have to go back to Disney World again, what a problem to have, ha ha!

If you haven't had a chance to meet our newest little bean, Terry, say hi when you can; we are so happy to have her on the team and my life is so much better with such a go getter on my retail team! Her knitting skills are amazing and she is as helpful as can be. Thanks for coming to us in our hour of need, welcome on board Terry.

Now here we all are eating some well deserved Honey Treat Yogurt from down the way. Laura bought this for us today to keep us motivated to fill you orders. Now don't ever think that we aren't motivated, because we are, but this helped today as you all are keeping us on our toes!

We are busy!! Wow!!

Thanks Laura for the treat!! You are the best!!

Here is (right) Amber with the Yum pointing to her treat talking with one of you about an order. Sandy is licking the lid of her treat and Amanda is just saying Yum, Yum!!! Sandy, Ashley and Amerique are enjoying their little cold treat too! Thanks Amerique for helping out while we are so busy! You are fun to have around for sure.

More soon same knitting channel! Jeanne

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