Socks and tons that's new...

A while back (quite a while) I actually won a contest and not just any contest, it was a Lorna's Laces Yarn sock pattern contest.

I won second place and since I NEVER win anything it was cool!! I got sock yarn along with copies of my printed pattern. Of course my name is on the pattern, Herringbone Lace Sock, and I am excited to say that we have the pattern in stock for your knitting pleasure. I thought you might like to see a picture of my winning sock, which I am embarrassed to say does not have a mate. I must be taking lessons from Laura, LOL! I have considered knitting some of her second socks for her, but with this confession I better just hang my head and get to work on the second sock for this one.

It was a fun knit and as you can see it has a scalloped cuff and uses two colors of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. I used Watercolor and Sage to create the stripe effect as I knit it up. It has a short row heel and carries the pattern through the instep.

So moving on from horn tooting :) to amazing new stuff!! Good heavens it has been hectic around the shop lately, what with new shipments arriving just about everyday and just keeping up with all of your knitting ideas, wow!

We have new Cascade Yarns in our inventory that are so amazing and of course priced right! I don't even know what to mention first, but of course socks come to mind (imagine:) and the Heritage sock yarn is fantastic! The colors are rich, bright, and beg to be knit up. They are not variegated, so are perfect for so many other projects that have a light weight yarn gauge. It has a GREAT feel and the yardage is very generous.

The Eco Alpaca yarn is incredible and the name says it all; eco friendly. The colors are just they way those great Alpaca's wear them in nature and I just can't decide what to knit first. This is a worsted weight 100% alpaca yarn and phew I am getting light headed just writing about it. I better stop now before I swoon and go focus on some of my current projects. Yea right, I am already trying to wiggle out of my Que project theory! There is more new Cascade, but with the light headiness I better stop now and pick up my needles :)

Happy Knitting! Jeanne

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