Bring on the crochet!

Maybe I'm the last one to figure it out, but crochet is catching on, and quickly! It seems my desk has been inundated with new (and inspiring!) crochet books to be added to the website lately, and more and more we have crocheters in the shop and online asking about project ideas, hooks, etc. I've done a bit of crocheting (I'm proud to say I can crochet more than just to add a border, I actually did a scarf with several motifs a few years ago), and our very own Amber and Sandy are of course the resident crocheting experts.

Back to the new books, my favorite of these has been Crocheted Gifts

edited by Kim Werker. There is just about something for everyone in the book, including a hairpin lace bowl crocheted with wire, shawls, shrugs, beanies, socks, even jewelry, and an assortment of handbags. For most of the projects (those you'd consider 'beginner', or 'intermediate'), the instructions are even clear enough for a die-hard knitter like me to follow with only a few flips back to the technique guide at the back of the book.

Apparently I'm not the only one enamored with Crocheted Gifts, as KnittingDaily TV has decided to demonstrate the Swirling Bag from the book in episode 13 (check your local PBS listings). Designed by Kathy Merrick, it's the only pattern from this book that Interweave Press will be releasing as a free download, which can be found here, on KnittingDaily's website. We're proud to offer the necessary yarn as a kit on our site, so if you're as enamored with this bag as the rest of us, you can get started with one-click ease! You'll need a US E hook, which isn't included in the kit.

Again, though the pattern is free, I highly recommend the Crocheted Gifts book, especially with the holidays coming. Even if you've only done a granny square (or less!), I'm pretty confident you'll be able to get your crochet on with this book ;-)

As always, happy knitting (and CROCHETING!)

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Swirling Bag

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  1. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for the book! Please note, the Swirling Bag was designed by Kathy Merrick, not by me. :)