Piles of packages and more...

I hope you holiday weekend was filled with family, friends and of course plenty of fiber! Ours was and packages too! We kept on working to bring you your projects as soon as possible and here is Ashley with her mountain of packages, which got bigger after I took this picture, wow! Bryan came in the afternoon on Tuesday and took about 6 loads with his hand truck to his mail truck and we were all glad to wave goodbye to all those packages.

I am also super excited to say that I have help in my little retail part of the shop and boy I really had no idea how much I was trying to do on my own, gee wiz Jeanne you are NOT super knitter, ha ha! It has been the crew on the E-commerce side that finally said you need help, because you are going nuts. Thanks gang you are the best bunch of beans to see what I couldn't see myself. Now maybe I can concentrate on some more creative pursuits for the shop and you, my wonderful customers. I have already mentioned Terry and hope you will say hi to Amerique next time you are in the shop. She is an amazing gal and you are going to love her!

Of course there is always knitting in my mind and why should today be any different?? I have been working on a hat out of Rowan British Breeds DK Yarn and I have to say that this is one of my new favorites!! It is so soft and works up great for me on a US 6 needle, wahoo!

Now in the picture to the left you can see that I am on the last little bit of my decreases and decided to try out the new Clover circular needles in the 9" length and they are so cool!! Cute is a good word to use to describe them and I can't wait to knit a sock with them!! I am a sucker for new stuff here in the shop, even though I know that this is not a new product on the market it is new here, I still love them!!

I hope you are all knitting up a storm and of course it is time to be gearing up for the gift giving season and the hat is my first knitted gift this season.

As always Happy Knitting!


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  1. Received my order on Thursday (in North Carolina) after just placing it on Tuesday. You guys rock! Thanks so much as always for the good service and the fun little free surprises. I really appreciate these cool little colorful yarn markers!