Hello Everyone

Hi everyone,

My name is Amerique and I am one of the newest additions to the store. I started working at Jimmy Beans a few weeks ago, pulling online orders, and now I am up front in the retail part of the store. Jeanne and Terry are super nice, and I am awed by their knitting expertise! I consider myself a beginning knitter (well, maybe closer to intermediate), so I am incredibly inspired by my coworker’s creativity as well as their technical skills.

I was on a “vacation” from knitting before I started at Jimmy Beans, but lately

I have been going through the needles and yarn that I lugged with me from California this summer, and I have to say, the knitting possibilities are endless!! I didn’t know I had so many needles!!!

Being around all this beautiful yarn is giving me lots of ideas about the cool things I can make! My favorite yarn so far is Noro, because the colors are AMAZING!! I especially love Silk Garden in 258 and 293. I am thinking of making pretty scarves and/or hats and/or mittens for my sisters for Christmas. The color and texture of Silk Garden is so interesting, that I think even a simple beginner’s scarf will look fancy and expensive.

Well, that’s all for now!


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