Short row scarf trouble!!!

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with a diagonal short row scarf I began a few days ago in Malabrigo Worsted Peach Tree. I had no problem completing the first triangle, but I don't understand how In am supposed to start the short rows. I have searched online for an answer with no luck, and looked at similar patterns, hoping they would be a little clearer, but they are all equally confusing. I have decided just to wait until I work with Jeanne or Terry next, and beg them to help me!

I am happy to say I found an AWESOME free pattern here for a lovely
scarf called "The Wedgie Scarf" . I am thinking of knitting it in Snow Bird. I guess I'm a little obsessed with Malabrigo Worsted at the moment . . .


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  1. I recently did this pattern. You start at the ending corner. I also was initially confused by the instructions. But each time you finish a triangle, instead of knitting back across the row you start at the ending corner. So once you have completed the row where you increased into the first stich and knit together the last two, you begin with a new triangle and knit into the first stitch, knit two together, then knit back across the three stiches, the next row you will knit across four, then five . . . I am not sure whether this actually makes sense

  2. It's a little confusing, because you are actually starting to knit the second triangle on the same needle as the first. After several rows it starts to make more sense.