1 lonley mitten....will it get a mate?

Well I finished my first Grove mitten from Jared Flood's new book Made in Brooklyn. I used the Debbie Bliss Fez yarn and am totally in love with both the yarn and the pattern. The yarn just seems to get softer and fuller as I work each beautiful stitch and while I loved doing this mitten will I do the second one? That is the question, well I have cast it on and am on about the 5th round and yes I think I will finish it. Most of you know how obsessed I am with working two of anything at once. Socks, mittens, hats, sleeves, and on and on....you get the idea. If it needs a mate then I am working them together, but this pattern needed to be cherished and not just stitched mindlessly through. It calls for the knitter to take their time and enjoy the intricacies of the design; it is truly beautiful!

So with that said I am going to get my needles clicking on the second mitten and say happy knitting for now....

Jeanne :)

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