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Hi all! I'm chiming in and saying hello. My name is Terry and I'm also one of the new JBW team members. I have been thoroughly enjoying getting to know the staff and all our regular retail customers as well as meeting all the internet customers who have been stopping by on their visits to Reno. You all are such great people and make everyday a pleasure. I don't think I've ever had such a fun job before! What could be better than talking about knitting, crochet, yarn and fibers all day long! Except maybe getting to touch all the pretty yarns all day and plan a gazillion projects. Thank you so much Laura, Jeanne and the rest of the staff for inviting me to join the team!

Speaking of a gazillion projects, I think I have about that many on my needles...ok well not exactly a gazillion... maybe a dozen. My newest project is an
Ann Norling Short row Multi-directional Scarf using Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in color 107 Autumn Rainbow. I just started it this morning and it's going very quickly. I love this yarn! It's so soft and the colors are very vibrant. I've been itching to try out this yarn with this pattern since the yarn came in a few weeks ago and I'm not disappointed!

The pattern is super easy and so cool how it comes together with no fancy tricks. This is a great cruising project for travel or when you just need something uncomplicated and fast to knit and have it come out looking fabulous.

Best of all, we can put it all together for you in a kit!
Here's my progress so far.

I love how the color progresses in smooth gradations of color. I'm already thinking how lovely it will look in a top down lace shawl. I love knitting lace and hope to be working on more soon.

Did I mention that this is a sock yarn? It's 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon so not only will it look fantastic it will be easy to care for. Hmmm.... maybe I should make socks with it sometime too. More ideas...

The other new project I'm working on is a Henley Perfected by Connie Chang Chinchio from Interweave Knits Winter 2007. I'm using the recommended yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas - Alpaca & Silk in color 131 Kiwi. More about this in our up coming newsletter in the What's on our needles section.

I hear that scarf calling to me to come work on it some more and we all know how insistent some of our projects can be so I'll sign off for now.

Wishing you well on whatever you are working on!


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  1. I finished my first short row multi-directional scarf last week. It was one of my favorite projects, quick moving, simple, but interesting. I just started my second scarf, same pattern different yarn, this week. It is such a quick knit, I figure I can make two.