Karaoke goes well with knitting...

Here, at Jimmy Beans Wool, we have a quarterly get-together which begins with a quick meeting about all the new things that we've been up to  (some TOP SECRET stuff, too - so exciting!). After our meeting, we get to go hang out for dinner and have some fun!

This time around, Amber set up pizza, wings, and a salad bar at Karaoke!!!

Now, as some of you may already know, Sandy and I are constantly singing around the shop. "I'm a Little Tea Pot" is just one of the several tunes we enjoy annoying all the other beans with. :) All day, we talked about getting up there and singing something together, but alas - when it came down to it, we both had some serious stage fright...sigh!

Instead, while the other gals sang and ate pizza - Sandy and I did what we do best - knitting! Sandy worked on her Fibre Company pattern  Frukttradgard (say that one ten times fast!) and is using some Lorna's Laces Sport in Gold Hill. I brought my Spectra shawl and worked on that for a few rows. I was so distracted by all the activity in the room, however, that I forgot to take a picture! I am using some stash yarn for this one, but am going to work it up again in some Mini Mochi...stay tuned on the project log for details! 

Kristen was amazing!

While Sandy and I were knitting, some of the other beans stepped right up to the Karaoke plate! Kristen and Sarah Lee both sang some solo songs and were BRILLIANT in their singing! I know a talent scout will be at their doorsteps soon.

We cheered everyone on and even Huck played a little air guitar and some table percussion, too. I love these quarterly events, as it gives us all time to have fun away from the shop and just be the silly little beans that we are!!! 

At one point in the evening, Tiffany, Shevawn, Kristen, and Sarah Lee all joined in for "Don't Stop Believing" and got the whole place clapping and cheering!

Sarah is one of our new beans and can sing like a songbird!!

Our quarterly team dinners are also a great way to connect with some of the new gals that have just joined our team! We have added so many great people to the team and, for most of them, this was their first outing with the JBW family - I think they all had fun!

Sarah (right) is so much fun to have around and is a fantastic shipper and packer!

Be sure you check out Team JBW and get to know all of us a little better.

Look at all those hungry beans,,,

Tons of fun was had by all, as you can see by all the smiling faces. We ate, sang and just generally let down our needles!

I flirted with Huck (Doug and Laura's little guy) all night and I know that even after Sandy and I left, the younger beans kept on rockin' out!! Oh, to be young again...LOL!

Out came the lighters to cheer on the brave
Here, the lighters came out to cheer on the brave souls who got up in front of the crowd which caused a big round of smiles and laughter!

I'm getting tired just talking about all this fun so I'm going to sign out and go knit a few rows of my Spectra! Woo-hoo!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting!

P.S. We'd be interested to hear what your co-workers do for team outings! Anything silly or unique? What's been your favorite?

PS if you aren't getting our twice monthly Newsletter you should check it out! It is jam packed with new products, projects, sales and more!! Remember we never EVER share you information with any outside sources, so you have nothing to loose!

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