That's How We Roll!

This weekend, our October Lorna's Limited Edition colorway went live- and it's flying off the shelves! "That's How We Roll" reflects the colors for the Nike Women’s Marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We pulled the colors from the race day theme: dark stormy teals, drooping purplish fuchsias and a deep smoky over saturated charcoal.  It is the perfect mix of bright fun summer colors smashed down to tone with a mature charcoal. No better way to say adieu to summer and how-d'ye-do to fall with this piece of color bliss!

And it's all because of our two Beans, Nicole and Sharon who are running the marathon later this month. Many people have asked why they are running this race. A marathon is no easy task and the time spent training has been tough! In particular, they are running in support of people who are battling life threatening illnesses. Sharon is running this race for Debbie, her soon to be mother-in-law who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and Nicole is running for J.P.,  her brother-in-law who is battling Leukemia. They are running for those who are struggling, who are supporting, and who are crafting for a cause. They are running in memory of and in support of these very special people who continue to be enormous inspirations to their lives. 

First off, here's a little bit about J.P., Nicole's brother-in-law.
Nicole: Last week we took a hank of the new LLE color over to the Avilla household, and had JP check it out! He loved it!! 

JP was diagnosed with ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in August of 2010. He started immediate treatment. He was supposed to start his first year of high school and play on the football team but due to the ALL, he had to stay home. Thankfully, he responded positively. Within a matter of months, his ALL was considered in remission.

Now, a long year, and tough battle later, he is still in remission. He is taking most of his treatments orally and is able to attend a partial day of public high school! He will continue on with his treatments and once a month visits to UCDavis for another 2.5 years. JP has been incredibly strong throughout this entire process. Every time I see him, he is in the best of spirits. Happy, talkative, and just as funny as ever. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that he is battling cancer. He has handled this part of his life with so much vitality and courage.

He blogs about his experience over at It includes information about his specific type of leukemia and a journal (written by him and and his dad) of their year long battle.

And now about the Beans and the Marathon! 

Nicole and Sharon, what made you want to run this race?
Nicole: When I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for my weekly long run, I blame Sharon for making me do this marathon. It was Sharon's idea. I can remember sitting at my desk, shipping packages, minding my p's and q's, when Sharon came around the corner and told me about a run supporting Leukemia. We both thought it would be awesome to participate. When we finally realized it was a full marathon, we just stared at each other trying to think of ways to politely back out of it. HAHA! By the end of the work day, we had committed to training together and running the full 26.2 miles.

(And truth be told, I also did it to distract me from my husbands deployment. I have thrown myself into learning about appropriate shoes, hydration, and nutrition. It has really helped the months fly by. )

Sharon: Nicole is absolutely right! I got us into this! I saw a flyer some one had left in the retail shop for the race. Truth be told I had not even opened the flyer to see where or when or how long the race was. Who would have thought it was a marathon, and not even in Reno! Next thing I know Nicole had signed up! It was the real deal, we were really going to do this!

Have either of you ever run a marathon before?
Sharon: Nope, this will be my first marathon.
Nicole: No. I was not a runner. I HATED it with a passion! I could not even run a mile before starting this process. That's when Sharon stepped in. We would see each other at work each day and we would ask "Did you go running?" Slowly we both got into a routine and before we knew it, 6 miles was easy to run. 

What kind of training have you two done?
Nicole: Three things have gotten me through this experience. My iphone Nike GPS App, a runner's guide book and Sharon. The Nike app let's you know when you have completed each mile and how long it has taken you. It also links to your Facebook page and your status is updated to let your friends know you are running. If they like it, or comment, cheers can be heard by the person running. Those cheers have really saved us! I can remember being on mile 7 and feeling like I can't go any further, when we hear a cheer. This causes us both to throw our arms up and cheer. 
The runner's guide book has helped us plan out how much we need to run each week in order to accomplish the total 26.2 miles. 
If you are going to run, you need a running partner! Someone to make sure you actually get up at 4:30 am to complete your runs. Someone to distract you with conversation while running (we run slow enough that we can actually talk the entire time). 
Sharon: Nicole and I live on opposite sides of town and at first it was difficult to coordinate runs. We have a pretty strict running scheduled where we do 2 short runs and medium size run and then our long run at the end of the week.  Nicole is really amazing! She had done the research got all the gear and without her I just don't think I could have done this. I now it would be impossible to run another marathon without a partner.

What are you most nervous about? 
Sharon: Everything! We have put a lot of ourselves into this race and I know we will finish even if that means we are crawling! Even now, I feel really nervous. I think to myself: Will my shoes last another long run? Will I get blisters? What should I wear? Where will we stay? Am I going to cry at the end? What will I do after the race? 
Nicole: Honestly? I am most worried about driving the streets of San Francisco! Sharon and I have worked so hard for this, I know we are both determined to finish. I don't mind if we walk most of it, and crawl across the finish line. We are going to do this!

We wish our running Beans the best of luck on their race October 16th! For more information about the race and how to get involved, check out !!

Is anyone else out there running a marathon soon? What was your experience like? 

Good luck, Ladies!

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  1. This is so inspiring and exciting! I was never a runner and after a breast cancer scare I started running to lose weight and less than six months later I talked myself into running a marathon. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The training as much as the race itself. I felt so empowered! Good luck ladies!

  2. We are so proud of them! We will let you know how the race goes!!