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Happy Friday everyone!  I hope this finds you all well and warm!  It’s been freezing here in Reno with our first taste of winter.  We have lots of snow in the mountains already.  It’s most definitely time for some sweater knitting!  And on that note, I have some lovely warm yarns and wintery pattern ideas in our featured products this week.  Here we go...

Mmm...Tosh Chunky
in Filigree!
First, I want to introduce Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky!  I know we’ve had this yarn for a couple of months already, but I couldn’t justify talking about it while temperature was still in the high 90’s!  Now that colder weather has hit, I am even more excited for it’s squishy warmth.  Available in over 30 gorgeous Tosh colors, this yarn can be knit on a US size 9 or 10 needle and is perfect for fall and winter accessories and sweaters.  Plus it’s machine washable...how much more awesome could it be?!?!  I have to admit that the moment this yarn arrived in the shop I was wild- eyed, jumping up and down and clapping like a total crazed yarn-junkie.  I may have even squealed a little. (It's a sickness, I know.)  I promptly grabbed a skein of the Filigree color and cast on for a slouchy hat that same day.  I will say, this yarn has a great hand to it and it is super squishy.  In this line of work, falling in love like this is completely unavoidable!

Swans Island Bulky-
"Beet Root"
Next I have the luscious Swans Island Bulky yarn!  We are so excited to finally have Swans Island in the shop!  We love how beautiful and soft it is (and the crunchy granola beans love the fact that it’s 100% Organic and naturally dyed).  Swans Island has a pretty cool history, too.  The owners are former big-city lawyers who decided to move to Maine, buy a farmhouse, and start weaving soft and squishy blankets.  Somewhere down the line they decided to make yarn too!  They now produce all of their products (blankets and yarns) with their small team of employees out of that farmhouse in Maine and they couldn't be happier!  We are so excited to welcome them to the family.  I’m especially excited for the KAL that I’ll be hosting featuring their worsted weight yarn and a gorgeous cowl pattern.  Stay tuned for more details on that later this month.

The "Mistake Rib Mobius Cowl
I am also super excited about the new Knit Wear Magazine from Interweave Press!  The premier issue of this magazine is full of simple knits that appeal to a wide range of knitters.  I really love the gorgeous Mistake Rib Mobius Cowl.  I’m planning on knitting it soon (maybe in Tosh Chunky or Swans Island Bulky?) as it is going to challenge me to work on my grafting skills.  The beautiful Braided Cabled Caplet on the cover is also amazing-- so elegant that you could wear it to all of your fancy holiday parties.  There are also many great sweaters and really comfy looking items.  I can’t wait to get my own copy!

"Riding to Avalon"
The original "Central
Park Hoodie"
More jumping up and down is about to ensue, as we just received the new “Best of Knitscene” Collection, also from Interweave Press.  Knitscene has long been my favorite Knitting Magazine.  I was commenting to Shevawn earlier today that I would probably get this book if I didn’t already have every issue of Knitscene ever published!  If you aren’t fanatical like me, or missed out on an issue or two, this book is a great way to have many of their most popular patterns in your library.  For example, the “Central Park Hoodie” by Heather Lodinsky, which just so happens to be Interweave Presses most popular individual pattern EVER!  That issue of the magazine sold out super fast and is no longer available.  There are also some other great popular designs like the “Riding to Avalon” sweater by Connie Chang Chinchio, the “Kenobi Jacket” by Norah Gaughan, and the “Berkshire Dolman Sweater” by Melissa Wehrle.  There are so many stunning designs, it’s hard to choose just one!

Knitter's Pride "Nova"
Deluxe Interchangeable Set
Lastly, Jimmy Beans is thrilled to have the new Knitter's Pride needles in stock!  These long awaited needles come in the Dreamz version with their beautiful and colorful wood, Cubic's with their ergonomic square shape, as well as the Nova and their slick nickel-plated tips.  There are interchangeable sets, individual parts, DPNs, fixed circulars, crochet hooks, and straight needles as well!  Talk about running the gamut of all of your possible knitting needs! Personally, I'm excited about the Nova interchangeable set!  I've been eyeing the Addi Lace Click sets for quite a while and now have another fabulous nickel-plated set to choose from.  Decisions, decisions!
I hope some of these awesome new items inspire you to get your knit on for winter!  I know this weekend, as my hubby and I get settled into our new house (we just bought a house and moved in last weekend), I’ll be working on some fall knits and building up my winter wardrobe!  
Happy weekend and happy knitting everyone!

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