Rowan Renew and Revive-- Eco-friendly yarns at their very best!

Hello and happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have fun weekend plans ahead!  Here in Nevada, October 31st is “Nevada Day” (and of course Halloween) so many of us Nevadans are celebrating our state’s entrance into the union which means many folks have a 3-day weekend!  (Nevadans get this holiday off instead of Columbus Day.) Super fun!  I know this weekend I will be hibernating a bit, doing some baking, and of course--knitting!  
I’ve got unfinished projects a-plenty, but I have recently become inspired by some of Rowan’s fantastic Purelife yarns!  Last year around this time, Rowan debuted the fantastic Renew and Revive yarns but somehow their appeal flew under my radar until just recently.  
And these yarns do not disappoint! Not only do these two yarns embody all that I look for in fiber-- beauty, gorgeous color palette, sublime softness and texture, but they also appeal to the sensible side of me that recognizes the impact that even the knitting industry can have on our planet.  

Of course, Rowan isn’t the first company to create environmentally friendly lines of yarn, but to me, they were the first that paired their yarns with knits that I couldn’t wait to wear.  The pattern support featuring these two yarns is nothing short of stunning and full of sensible wearability.  That combined with gorgeous colors, these yarns can virtually be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe!
Renew is a blend of 93% recycled wool and 7% polymide and comes in 10 gorgeous muted shades.  It is a heavy worsted or aran weight and makes great warm and cozy accessories, sweaters, and jackets that are perfect for winter.  It can be knit on a size 9 or 10 needle, making it perfect for quicker knits and last minute gifts!  

Revive is a textured blend of 36% recycled silk, 36% recycled cotton, and 28% recycled viscose and comes in 9 similar shades.  It is a DK weight and makes perfect summertime garments and accessories.  It can even be a great yarn for shoulder seasons like Fall or Spring depending on what part of the world you reside in and how you layer it.  I think Revive is the perfect year-round yarn here in Reno.  Even though it does get quite cold in the winter here, I find that layering is often the way to go.  We do have 300 days of sunshine per year, but the weather can change at the drop of a hat!
Some of my favorite designs in Renew and Revive are in the Rowan Purelife Autumn and Rowan Purelife Recycled Collection’s.  The Purelife Autumn Collection features lovely cold weather garments that include the lovely “Aconite” Coat-- perfect for those chilly fall mornings and the “Cyclamen” Shrug-- perfect for layering over long sleeves.  I also love the super cozy “Snowdrop” Wrap and the “Winter Sweet” Cardigan.  All of these designs seem to embody the perfect fall-winter wardrobe with their cozy nature and sensible-chic appeal.  

The Rowan Purelife Recycled Collection features garments that I would wear year-round including the “Asparagus” cardigan and the “Parsnip” tunic.  I also love the "Pumpkin" striped tunic, the "Cardoon" shrug and the “Shallot” cropped lacy cardigan.  I actually bought this book the moment I saw it because I loved so many of the designs.  There are even some dashing men’s sweaters in this one!  

Of course, Rowan has several other books to inspire knitting with this yarn.  The Purelife Winter Collection and the Purelife Classics Collection are just two such examples.  These books have just a little something for everyone in them--and if you don’t find what you are looking for, these yarns would work beautifully for a number of other patterns as well.  

Try Hannah Fettig’s “Effortless Cardigan” out of the Revive for a perfect warm weather wrap sweater.  Or Cecily Glowick McDonald’s “Idlewood” tunic out of the Renew.  Whether you use these yarns for a Rowan pattern or “go your own way” (in the words of Fleetwood Mac) and find another pattern you love, you’ll certainly be thrilled with the result!
Hmm...and now to get started on something of my own...I’m thinking I’ll start with the “Asparagus” cardigan so that it will be ready to wear by spring!
Happy knitting everyone!
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