Magpie syndrome strikes again...

Note my pink flamingo :)
 Some of you have heard me talk about my 'Magpie' syndrome and I am here to tell you it is alive and well! My Magpie syndrome manifests itself primarily with my lust for fiber (ooohhhh look! A new yarn...), but it has recently turned to the greenery in my house. As you may know I started a kitchen remodel ages ago and it is FINALLY getting to the pont where  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...phew! So I decided to add some green to the kitchen scene!

My friend Sandy (who is lucky enough to work with me hee hee) and I were completely inspired by Amber's recent wedding event! For the fantastic sit down dinner (YUM YUM) she had made terrariums as the center pieces and boy did they inspire Sandy and I! We decided then and there that we were going to add some of these lovely gardens to our home.

Desert landscape in my new garden window
Now this is perfect for my house, as my sweet cat, Tasha, has an eating disorder and she LOVES to nibble on any house plant that she can get her paws on...sigh! Of course she will the regurgitate said house plant in a green mess on my beige carpet (again, sigh). So with that in mind my pal Sandy got a fantastic book from the library and we went to several of our favorite thrift stores looking for some containers and voila...terrariums!

Now I know that a closed environment is the norm for terrariums, but I also created some cool desert gardens, as well as self contained versions for my house! Most of them currently reside in my new kitchen, as that is the best light in the house, but will be moving around a bit as the whole house begins to come together after this ridiculously long remodel road.
Wonderful closed jar

If you were to come to knit with me today you would see a slightly disheveled home due to all the move this here and move that there that has gone on in the last 6 months, but it really is starting to shape up nicely. I am finally able to get my car in the garage now and I have some amazing terrariums that are going to complete my humble home!
Note my African Violet tall and sleek

While I don't want to deter you from your knitting and crocheting, I do know that this has been a super fun change for me.

Learn something new today is my motto, or discover your inner Magpie if you prefer :D

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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