So much news...

There is so much news at JBW that I feel like a newspaper reporter, woohoo! 

First we have 2 weddings to report, Bethany and her love George ran off and tied the knot without a word, imagine! They announced this wonderful piece of news at their engagement much fun is that? Then our own Amber and her love Ray got hitched on September 24th at Grizzly Greek Ranch in Portola California. You can read a bit more about it here in my blog post for Battle Born Knits (shameless plug:) ). Congratulations to both of these spectacular couples!!

Of course as you all know we recently moved into a larger space and on Friday, September 30th we had an Open House! So much fun was had by all and so many announcements that I am not quite sure where to start?? So I will dive in with both needles...

Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure and Simple with her fans!

We had Diane Soucy (aka Knitting Pure and Simple) here signing her patterns and of course talking knitting with her fans! She had some teaser samples of some new patterns with her that are coming out in the spring, so stay tuned!!! They are amazing of course!  

Diane, Cookie A, Lorna Miser and Ann Norling will be added to our class list soon and you can contact us at to make sure you are on the list to be notified when we have more details about those classes/workshops!! I know I will be 1st in line to learn from these fabulous designers. 

Long time customer Linette with Bethany :)

We had raffle prizes and boy was everyone excited about that one!! We had 2 kits for the Berroco pattern Duchess which uses their new yarn Boboli, 2 Rowan kits for the Unisex Scarf and 2 Ann Norling kits for her cool Easy Cowl #71. CONGRATULATIONS to our winners! 

Be sure to bring your work in for show-n-tell...we love that!!!

Victoria cried!! Who wouldn't with Huck as the MC :)
I am sad to report that Victoria is moving onto to new things in her life and will be missed around the shop dearly! Here she is getting her moving on goodie bag from Laura and Huck and there were definitely some sniffles! I am lucky that she lives right near me and we are planning on some regular visits. I am so glad that she is in the JBW family and one of my friends too!! 

Here Terry let me help you with a chip

The whole crew got a great present from the Zander's for our new break room...a Cappicino maker!!! Not only that but they are going to keep the supplies stocked...WOW!! 

Of course Huck was helping Terry open the package (plying her with a chip) and what a great job he did too!

Thanks so much for taking such great care of us!!!

Well of course I have saved my favorite news flash for last...Sandy and I have been in the JBW family for 5 years!!! 

For me it has just flown by and the changes have been phenomenal to say the least. We have both recently marveled that when we started working here we had 2 computers and not a whole lot more employees. Now I really would have to stop and think to count all the computers, employees and changes that we have seen in the last 5 years. Sandy is my friend as well as co-worker and I just can't imagine what life around here would be like without her. She only has 2 weeks on me (okay Sandy you can gloat for a second) and I am so glad to be making this journey with her by my side!! 

Sandy, Laura and yours truly, post presentation

We were presented with 2 unique, hand made pendants that represent our logo, the color wheel and the stones in them are an amazing array of Mother Earth's diversity. 

They are both inscribed with the Hindi word for family and boy did I blubber!! Sandy was my rock on this one for sure!

On my way home (and as I lay in bed trying to sleep after such an exciting evening) I reflected on the meaning of our logo to me. 

Certainly the color wheel represents endless possibilities, but to me it means quite a bit more.

The colors on the wheel are harmonious and can be blended to create a multitude of beautiful options; which I feel we have done at JBW's in too many ways to mention here. The 'wheel' can take me places that I can't even imagine and it has so far!

My journey with JBW (and in life) has been one of discovery and growth and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I will wear my pendant with pride and look forward to the next 5 years of this journey! 

Words truly can't express my feelings as I type this post, so I must humbly sign off with a HUGE thanks to Laura, Doug, Huck, Buddy, Wiley and ALL the little beans for being who you are and allowing me to be a part of this amazing family!!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting!


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  1. Wow! So much news, and such a wonderful place to work. I got a little sniffly myself. Where I work, if we get really "lucky," every year or so the managers walk around with a cart full of stale candy from the vending machines and offer us some- um, no thanks! Your reward is much sweeter! And I'm sure, well deserved. :)

  2. Thanks Dorothy! I know it is a very sweet reward and I will try to live up to it!!

  3. Thank you Jeanne. I only wish I lived close enough to have come to the open house. It sounded wonderful. The shop looks amazing and you all are great. I know it must be a dream place to work. The pendent is beautiful, what a great idea. Thanks for the update. Love feeling a part of the shop. Hope everyone has a great week and maybe someday I will make the trip to check it out for myself.

  4. Congrats on the weddings and the great open house. Lots of good news over there!

  5. Thanks to everyone!! JBW is my dream job for sure, but shhhh don't tell Laura she might use it against me LOL!! I am wearing my pendant as I type, love, love it!!!

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