Don't Panic!

So late Thursday night, I (finally) picked up my grandma's socks (see previous blog!) to finish them up and send them out today...and realized I just couldn't stand the pattern. It was one of my own design, and really, the back was fine. The front however, ended up with these haphazard eyelets that just looked terrible.

After feverishly frogging the things, I began flipping through every magazine and pattern book in my library trying to find a pattern in the approprate gauge, that called for needles I already had--since I'd be knitting well into the wee hours of the morning. I settled on the Brick-Stitch Tea Cozy in the 2008 Interweave Holiday Gifts magazine. It doesn't call for sock yarn, of course...but it sure was a quick knit. Only about 7 hours total.

I used the 1824 Wool the pattern calls for, but in Earth and Russet instead of the pinks or natural (um yeah, my grandma hates pink!). I also switched the MC for the CC in a few places--the ribbing on the bottom, for example, because I didn't want it to scream RED in her mostly terra-cotta tiled kitchen.

Anyway, that and a porcelain teapot I found at a local thrift store for a few dollars turned into a nice little gift in relatively little time.

A little project update: Ocean Granny's scarf was finished in just enough time to send it with some of the family heading over the hill for her big birthday bash on Sunday:

With that, I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! (Happy knitting to all, and to all a good....night?)


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