An elegant evening on the BEST Bosses in the WORLD!!

I think I have mentioned once or twice how much I LOVE my job! Here I am on the day after a night to remember. Laura and Doug thank us every holiday season for just doing our jobs and having tons of fun all year. It is so wonderful to be appreciated and I thought you all might like to see some pictures of us having an amazing time last night, at the Harrah's Steakhouse and boy did we feel like a royal party of knitter's! The food and service was fabulous and the company was great
(but I am partial to my co-workers/friends :) so the bottom line is we were treated to an amazing thank you by the Zanders!!!

I need to go backwards for a bit to explain the culmination of months of work by all the little beans here at the shop to create a thank you to them for all they do for us! We an amazing bag of samples of one of my favorite yarns, Merino Ribbon, by Mountain Colors. It was full of little bits of so many colors that we just couldn't pass up doing something with it. There was even a day when Laura asked me, 'hey what's that?' and I answered, 'get away from that it's for something that you can't know about' (hee, hee) For a second she gave me a look that said, EXCUSE me, but then moved on to something else. In late June we had a knit night to talk about ideas to the yarn and who would do what with the project. Sandy came up with a simple but elegant design and wound the yarn up in a flowing color progression. She began with the first repeat and then we passed it around from bean to bean for months, until this last weekend Sandy and I finished it up with a few beads, blocking and a handmade by: label. Phew, that was a lot of work, but well worth it, hmmmmm will they like it? You know how it is when you make something for someone and of course there is the Laura/brown factor to consider. We all worked on it in some way, even Karla (who hasn't learned to knit, added some of herself to the project) Here is Sandy teaching her to knit using a Nursery Rhyme she knows,
1. Under the Fence
2. Gather the Sheep
3. Down they come
4. Off they leap

This was so neat that I luckily had my camera to get a quick shot. Amber knit a row too, with some trepedation, but I stood over her with size 35 needles, hee hee!

Here are some of us with our guests:

Karla and Emanuel

Below, Kristen and Nick, Right, Victoria and John

Below, Amber and Chris, Right, Amanda and Shane

Below, Heather and Justin, Right, (way down at the end) Amanda and Allison (Happy birthday Allison :), Below right corner, Sandy and Bill! What a good looking group!

Here are the Zanders opening their special thank you from us.

So here's thanking the Zanders for all you do for us! We appreciate you more than you can ever know!

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